Make It A Curious George Birthday Party!


curiousgeorgecake 225x300 Make It A Curious George Birthday Party!Curious George is making a comeback!

The adorable mischievous monkey is capturing the hearts of a whole new generation and is here to help you throw the perfect Curious George birthday party that your little ones will love!

Thanks to this incredible theme cake we found on Pinterest and our new line of Curious George® Personalized Gifts, we were inspired to put together this party theme and share some ideas for party accessories, birthday gifts and some cute party tricks to help you plan a successful party!

Whether the party is for your baby who loves watching the Curious George cartoons or for your older child who likes to read the Curious George books – we’ve got great ideas that Curious George fans of all ages will love!

curiousgeorgeinvite 300x300 Make It A Curious George Birthday Party!Before you start working on making a masterpiece cake like this one have to start planning the party and the first think you need to do is send out party invitations!

Our Curious George® Personalized Invitations feature the title “Calling All Curious Monkeys” and can be personalized with your child’s age and six lines of text which can include all of the important details including the name, date, time and location of the celebration and any other optional details you choose! These cute cards are sold in sets of 24 and include coordinating crisp, white envelopes for mailing.

curious george banner 300x300 Make It A Curious George Birthday Party!Once the special day finally arrives, decorate your home or party location with the Curious George® Personalized Party Banner so you can continue the party theme and let guests know exactly where to go for the party! The banner can be personalized with their age and name and is made from heavy duty vinyl so it can be used whether it’s an indoor or outdoor party!

Outside-of-the-gift-box Party Tip: The banner can also be used as a unique guest book! Leave out a permanent marker and have guests sign their names and leave messages for the Birthday Boy or Girl. It makes a great keepsake that they’ll love looking back at for years to come!

curiousgeorgepartyhat 281x300 Make It A Curious George Birthday Party!Another great way to keep the party theme alive is to incorporate George’s friend The Man With The Yellow Hat into the place settings like they did in this photo (at right) that we came across on Pinterest.

These place settings are easy to put together, won’t cost you anything extra (since you’ll already need plates and cups for the party) and are perfect for the Curious George theme! After you’ve purchased yellow cups and plates, take the yellow cups and tape or glue a line of black construction paper around the top of the cup. If you’d like, you can even write down each guests name on the black “belt” so they know where their cup is at all times! Flip the cup over and place it in the center of the plate and that’s it – you have the yellow hat!

As for the food, prepare their favorite meal (after all, it is their birthday!), but we also suggest incorporating bananas. This is a great way to stick to the theme while also offering your guests a healthy snack! Either place one banana at each of the place settings or hang a bunch and use as a centerpiece for your table and have guests take them as they please!

When it comes time for your little one to open their birthday presents, make sure you’ve wrapped up one of our Curious George® Gifts, such as a personalized sweatshirt, pillowcase, growth chart, picture frame and much more!

curious george poster1 300x300 Make It A Curious George Birthday Party!When the party starts to wind down and your guests are starting to leave, don’t let them leave without their goodie bag!

Personalize a Curious George® Poster for each of the kids to take home and hang up in their rooms! You get to choose from 4 different Curious George designs (George riding a bike, playing on his ball, flying a kite or hanging out in his room with toys) and personalize the posters with each of the guests’ names in 1 of 3 sizes! They will have had so much fun at the party and love the personalized touch to their goodie bag so much they won’t want to leave!

And there you have it – the perfect Curious George Birthday Party!

Don’t forget to use proper party etiquette and thank your guests – the Curious George® Personalized Thank You Cards would be perfect! If you have any tips or ideas for throwing a Curious George Birthday Party we’d love to hear them so please be sure to comment below.

Share Your Recipe For The Perfect Summer ParTEA & Win!


There’s nothing better than a nice, refreshing sip of chilled ice tea on a hot summer’s day!

SummerPartea Blog v1 Share Your Recipe For The Perfect Summer ParTEA & Win!But after that heat wave we just had, we’re in need of a fun new tea recipe to help us get through the rest of the summer!

Whether it’s a concoction of tea and lots of other ingredients or regular tea with a new twist you’ve added to help spice it up, share your favorite tea recipe and you could win’s Summer ParTEA Recipe Contest and take home your very own Personalized Beverage Server with Stand so you can serve and enjoy your delicious tea in personalized style at your next party!

To enter the contest, send an email with the subject line “Summer ParTEA Contest” to before the contest ends on August 1st, 2012 with the following information:

1. Your full name and email address where we can contact you if you’ve been selected as the winner.

2. Your favorite Ice Tea Recipe and what you love most about it.

And it’s as easy as that!

The PMall Staff will read the entries and select their favorite recipe and the winner will be announced here on the A Personal Touch Blog on August 2nd.

So start trying out new tasty combinations or pull out your recipe book and find that trusty recipe you’ve loved for years – just make sure you do it before the contest ends!

We can’t wait to read all your entries – our mouths are watering just thinking about it!

Good Luck!


It’s Here! Refreshment Recipes For Relief!


Thanks to one of the bizarre calendar Websites I love, I discovered that today is “Work Like A Dog Day.” Today is supposed to be a day to show appreciation for and honor those who carry more than their expected work load but I think if you’re the one who usually works like a dog then you should celebrate yourself, too!

I can’t think of a better way to thank the work-aholics in your life than by ending “Work Like A Dog Day” with a nice refreshing drink. There’s nothing like a cold beverage to help you wind down after a long day of work – especially during these hot summer days!

Refreshment%20Blog 3 Its Here! Refreshment Recipes For Relief!Which is why we want to help all you hard workers out there celebrate “Work Like A Dog Day” with our very own “Refreshment Recipes for Relief” contest!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to work hard to win – all you have to do is submit your favorite summer drink recipe (alcoholic and nonalcoholic are both welcomed!) by posting it in a comment below so everyone can share their favorite recipes right here!

The winner, who will be chosen at random, will win their very own Personalization MallUnbreakable Acrylic Pitcher personalized with their initial so they can make an impressive statement the next time they serve their favorite signature summer drink!

Since you’re working like a dog today and may need help to get your creative juices flowing, I’ll start pimms 5 Its Here! Refreshment Recipes For Relief!with my favorite summer drink recipe. Here’s how you make your very own “Fruity Furlough:”

Mix 1 part Pimm’s No. 1 (Pimm’s is a gin-based liquor I came across while on a trip to England and while they may not carry it at all general grocery stores in the U.S.,Binny’s Beverage Depot and some other liquor stores do sell it) with 1 part Sprite (Ginger Ale can also be used) and 1 part lemonade. Then slice up 1 whole orange, 1 lime and 1 lemon into little pieces, squeeze the juice into the mixture then drop the slices into the mix to soak.

If you have the time you can chill the drink overnight and let the fruit soak for more flavor, or if you’re expecting your hard working company soon you can serve it right away with a large glass of ice. Either way it’s really yummy! For a nonalcoholic version for you or the kids, you can substitute the Pimm’s with another flavorful juice that will be highlighted by the Sprite and Lemonade. I suggest something out of the ordinary, like pomegranate or pineapple juice. If you can’t find a store that sells Pimm’s you can substitute it with a tasty flavored vodka or amaretto.

The floating fruit makes it look like a beautiful summer sangria! The “Fruity Furlough” is a great recipe to use as the signature drink for your next party. Feel free to change the name of the drink to give your party that personal touch that makes your party stand out from all the rest. For example, your loved one will beveragestand 3 Its Here! Refreshment Recipes For Relief!be really touched when they see you named the drink after them because it’s their bridal shower or birthday. “Erin’s Elixir” or “Paul’s Potion” are just two examples of how you can personalize it.

Display your signature drink proudly in one of our Acrylic pitchers, the prize our contest winner will take home, or our Personalized Beverage Server with Stand – both of which are on sale until Sunday as part of ourEnd of Summer Clearance at! It will not only be a conversation starter but it can be a beautiful centerpiece, as well!

So let’s hear it Gifting Blog fans! What are your “Refreshment Recipes for Relief?” Submit the name of your drink, the recipe, your name and e-mail in a comment below to win! We’ll accept entries through Wednesday, August 10th so hurry and post your favorite recipe for your chance to win! Try not to work too hard today!

Our Gift Box service has just arrived!


They say “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but let’s be honest – that’s easier said than done.

And I’m sure I’m not the only one who is guilty of picking out a bottle of wine based on its fun name or cute label. So why on earth would it be different for gifts? It’s not!

Gift presentation is a very important part of gift giving (except maybe for little kids whose only concern about gift wrap is how quickly they can rip it off their present). The way a gift is presented can “make or break” a present. A gift can be made to look more expensive or cheaper than it actually is based on how it is presented.

You may spend a lot of money on a gift for a loved one, but if you just throw it in a dollar store gift bag, or wrap it in cheap crinkled wrapping paper, you risk the chance of your gift being received with the message, “your day isn’t special enough for me to spend a couple extra dollars or minutes on your gift.”

That’s why we just unveiled our new exclusive gift box service for our customers! We wanted to offer a service to help our customers present the special and unique personalized gifts they created for their loved ones in exquisite fashion. When they see the sophisticated Personalization Mall gift box, they will know they are about to discover a thoughtful and chic treasure that you created just for them. They will be touched to see how important their special day was to you!

giftbox 3 Our Gift Box service has just arrived!

Our gift box option can be added on each product page or during checkout for an additional $4.95 or $6.95. We will personally present your gift in our signature black and white gift box – the black and white contrast is so elegant it’s almost as if your present is wrapped in a tuxedo! Inside the gift box, your unique present will be enveloped in crisp white tissue paper just waiting to be discovered! A stylish black ribbon frames our polished and refined logo that makes your gift look like a million bucks!

The gift box option is perfect for out of town relatives who now can be proud to know their loved one is receiving a gift in beautiful fashion instead of only bubble wrap or package peanuts.

Or for the busy bees out there, our gift boxes are so stylish that once you receive the Personalization Mall gift you purchased you can present it to your loved one as is – you won’t even need to spend your precious time wrapping it!

Our gift boxes are already a big hit with our customers but you don’t have to take our word ffbookgiftboxpage 5 Our Gift Box service has just arrived!or it, check out all the praise they’ve been getting on our Facebook page.

Don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook and join in on the conversation. It’s a great place for our customers to post pictures of their personalized gifts and share fun and unique personalization tips and tricks with each other. You’ll also come across exclusive contests and discounts on our Facebook page and Twitter account.

If you have a question regarding gift boxing or whether an item can be gift-boxed, please call 866-386-8300 or use our Live Help and Chat Now feature on the main Personalization Mall site.

Host A Unique Golf Outing To Spice Up Summer!


Can you believe we’re halfway through summer already?

The end of July is usually when I start to tire of the dog days of summer and begin craving a new, unique way to spend the day

out with friends.

It’s time to put an end to the mid-summer blues and enjoy a warm sunny day catching up on much-needed girl time with friends by hosting your own personalized golf outing!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a rookie who’s self-conscious about your score, or a seasoned pro with a serious handicap – you can create a fun and light atmosphere for players of all skill levels by choosing Scramble or “Best Ball” play to keep things less intimidating but still challenging.

For the beginners out there, Scramble or “Best Ball” play is when each player tees off every hole. The best shot from the group is chosen and then all the players shoot their second shots from that spot. This continues until the ball drops in the cup!

Let the planning begin!

Start off by creating a unique tournament name to set it apart from all the other run-of-the-mill golf outings. Something like “1st Annual Ladies & Lattes on the Links” would be a fun theme to work with.

Keep the party intimate and invite three friends for one foursome or invite as many players as you’d like. Once you’ve decided on the name, date and location for the party, have some fun making golf-themed invitations and check out our golf-themed return address labels for the perfect finishing touch.

 Fun tip: Keep it light by encouraging your guests to dress the part in all pink or over-the-top golf outfits.

golfpartybanner 7 Host A Unique Golf Outing To Spice Up Summer!After the RSVPs have been counted and the day finally arrives, impress your guests with your party planning skills first thing that morning by welcoming them to the “1st Annual Ladies & Lattes on the Links” with the personalized “Golf Par-Tee” banner you created.

The banner is a great way to make your party stand out from any previous golf outing your friends have attended.

Make sure you are in the first foursome so that you’ll be ready in the clubhouse to hear the ladies gasp as they trickle in from the back nine and get their first glimpse of your table setting skills.

golfballs 7 Host A Unique Golf Outing To Spice Up Summer!The first thing that catches their eyes will be the special centerpiece you prepared just for them by filling a large glass vase full of “Ladies & Lattes on the Links 2011”You Name It® personalized Callaway® golf balls topped off with a bouquet of matching pink flowers.

Fun tip: Count how many of the golf balls you put into the vase making sure to keep an odd number. Have your guests guess how many golf balls are in the vase and whoever wins or guesses closest to the correct number wins the centerpiece! You can divvy up the golf balls between guests for an extra party favor and let the winner take home the vase and flowers or let the lucky lady take home the whole prize – it’s up to you!

Your guests will be touched as they take their seats and are met with their very own “Go Play Golf” coffee mug you had specially made just for them and their lattes. For the perfect finishing touch you can fill clear cellophane bags with a handful of pink“Tee it Up” golf tees you had branded with your tournament name, tie the top with a matching ribbon and place inside each guest’s mug as their very own “Tee-bag.”

golfornamentqueenofthegreen 3 Host A Unique Golf Outing To Spice Up Summer!While everyone shares the fun events of the day over their meal keep an ear out for how each player faired on the course because you’ll have one final surprise for your guests … the “2011 Ladies & Lattes on the Links Award Ceremony”!

Have the ladies vote or you can be the judge of who wins the different “Golf Chick” personalized ornaments. Keep everyone laughing as you announce the 2011 winners of the “Miss Mulligan,” “Bunker Babe,” “Puttin’ Princess,” and “Queen of the Green” awards to some or all players. Or for a more competitive group stick to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ornaments. Your friends will be talking about it all the way ‘til Christmas when they add it to their tree with pride!

As the party comes to a close, and you say goodbye to your guests, remind the trash-talking award winners they better get it out of their system now because the 2nd Annual Ladies & Lattes on the Links is only a year away!

What do you think? What unique party theme have you used this summer? Or do you have any other fun ideas to add to the personalized golf outing? Please share your stories by adding a comment to this post.

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