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The “A Personalized Christmas” Contest is Underway!


ChristmasBlog1 The A Personalized Christmas Contest is Underway!December is officially upon us … let the Christmas shopping begin!

Like the song says, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” and there’s nothing more wonderful than seeing the look on your loved one’s face when they open a touching personalized gift that you’ve made special just for them!

Here at and A Personal Touch, we can’t get enough of all the wonderful stories our customers tell us about how big of an impact our personalized gifts had on their loved one. And with our wide selection of products, you can find a special gift to personalize for everyone on your Christmas list no matter what their loves and hobbies are!

And since we’re getting into the Christmas spirit, we’d like you to tell us, “Which gift would be the best Christmas gift for your loved one and why?” in our A Personalized Christmas Gift Contest!

All you have to do is send an email with the subject line “A Personalized Christmas” to before midnight December 15th with the following information:

- Your answer to the question: Which gift would be the best Christmas gift for your loved one and why?”

- Be sure to include the product item# so we know which gift you’re writing about.

- Include the name and relation of the loved one you are writing about.

- Your full name and email address for where you’d like to be contacted if you are the winner.

After we’ve gone through and read all your entries, the A Personal Touch staff will choose the most touching submission and name them the winner!

The winner of the A Personalized Christmas Gift Contest will win the gift that they wrote about in their entry! The winner will be posted here, on the A Personal Touch blog on December 16th and will be contacted by email soon after so that the prize can be shipped before Christmas.

We can’t wait to hear all your creative and touching ideas! Head over to now to start searching for the gift you want to write about!

Good luck!

Help Us Fight Breast Cancer & Tell Us About Your Pink Hero!


BreastAwareness Help Us Fight Breast Cancer & Tell Us About Your Pink Hero!This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and has joined the fight to find a cure! We will donate 20% of the purchase price of all our Breast Cancer Awareness gifts to to aid in the fight against breast cancer.

As you can see by looking through the selection of gifts, a lot of our “Pink” products encourage common themes of strength, determination, optimism, support and bravery – all of which are essential in the fight against breast cancer.

Only one word comes to mind when we see all of those attributes together … Hero. And that’s exactly what every person who is fighting breast cancer is – our hero! One of the greatest things a hero can do is to inspire other people, and that’s what we’re looking for with our Pink Hero contest.

We want to hear all about the Pink Hero in your life! Tell us about the breast cancer fighter who inspires you and you could win a prize for you both!

Please send an email to with the subject line “My Pink Hero” describing who your Pink Hero is and why they inspire you. Make sure you include you and your Pink Hero’s full name and your email address so we know where to contact you if you are the winner.

The most inspiring story, as decided by A Personal Touch staff, will be awarded 2 Fight To Find A Cure© Personalized Canvas Totes, one for the winner and one for their Pink Hero!

pinkmug 150x150 Help Us Fight Breast Cancer & Tell Us About Your Pink Hero!All submissions must be in by midnight October 31st, 2011 and the winner will be announced here on November 1st.

Don’t forget to check out all the Pink Ribbon products at!

We have several inspiring designs, such as the “I Will Never Give Up©,” “Fight To Find A Cure©,” and ”Courage & Strength©” themes that are featured on popular personalized gifts.

You can browse through and find picture frames, T-shirts, candles and more! The Courage & Strength© Personalized Pink Mug is just one of several beautifully crafted coffee mugs that you can purchase to show your support of breast cancer awareness.

We can’t wait to hear your inspiring stories! Good luck!


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