Nine years ago we blogged about the top baby names for 2008. With so many personalized baby gifts available in our shop, we’ve seen thousands of unique baby names come through our doors, from traditional and classic names that have been passed down through generations, to trendy new ones and truly one-of-a-kind options.

But it was interesting to see that many of the names that were in the top 10 list in 2008 are still at the top in 2017, particularly Emma, which was the number one name for baby girls in 2008 and is number one again this year. And of course, 2017 has just begun and the top names for the year will likely change over the course of the next 10 months or so, but it’s still fun to see where the trends are heading.

Whether you’re actively looking for a baby name, or just daydreaming about the possibilities, take a look below at our comparison of the most popular names in 2017 and 2008.

Top Baby Boy Names In 2017Top Baby Boy Names In 2008
1. Noah1. Jacob
2. Liam2. Michael
3. Mason3. Ethan
4. Ethan4. Joshua
5. Aiden5. Daniel
6. Elijah6. Alexander
7. Oliver7. Anthony
8. James8. William
9. Lucas9. Christopher
10. Benjamin10. Matthew

For the boys, the only name from the 2008 list that’s still in the top 10 for 2017 is Ethan. Jacob, the top name in 2008, fell to number 11 for this year, Michael is at number 20, and Joshua all the way down at 39. Some names, including Mathew and Alexander, are still in the top 20, while others, like Daniel and William are a bit lower but still in the top 30. Classic names, like Anthony and Matthew, haven’t made the top 50 list this year yet, but that may still change.

Top Baby Girl Names In 2017Top Baby Girl Names In 2008
1. Emma1. Emma
2. Olivia2. Isabella
3. Isabella3. Emily
4. Ava4. Madison
5. Mia5. Ava
6. Sophia6. Olivia
7. Amelia7. Sophia
8. Charlotte8. Abigail
9. Harper9. Elizabeth
10. Aria10. Chloe

Compared to the boys list, the girls name haven’t made as much of a shift with Emma, Isabella, Ava, Olivia and Sophia appearing in both the 2008 and the 2017 lists. The new additions to 2017’s top 10 include Mia, Amelia, Charlotte, Harper and Aria. Emily and Abigail, are now at number 11 and 12, respectively, while Madison, Chloe and Elizabeth are still in the top 50.

If you’re interested in learning more about the poplar baby names over the years, visit, their data goes all the way back to 1880. And don’t forget to check out our collection of personalized baby gifts, like this adorable baby twins picture frame, to celebrate this year’s happy bundles of joy.


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