Treasure Baby’s Every “First” With A Personal Touch

Treasure Baby’s Every “First” With A Personal Touch

A baby’s 1st birthday.  A couple’s 1st anniversary.  A family’s first pet.  Each of these holds special meaning in our lives.  What a great concept, if we could grab hold of that time and never let go!

But as we all know, time slips by us all too quickly.  We must pause to enjoy the moment before it’s gone. Babies grow up too fast. A wedding couple soon becomes a family. A puppy becomes a dear, old friend.

Hold tight to every milestone in your own special way.  Write your thoughts down in a journal.  Record the moments on videotape. Take photographs – lots of photographs.  Create a time capsule with special mementos – just a simple shoebox will do. Save the newspaper or Life Magazine published that day.

It’s truly amazing how quickly life changes. My children love looking at photo albums of when they were babies. They laugh at our funny hair styles and fashions. They enjoy listening to stories of how they came into this world and all the silly things they did growing up.  I don’t know where the time went, but we can’t go back.  We can only go forward, enjoying those brief moments with all our hearts!

Nothing beats the smile of the first birthday boy or girl when they’re “wearing” their birthday cake! Our personalized 1st Birthday Bib makes the celebration even more special (and helps with clean-up too!) Check it out, along with other first birthday, first anniversary, and other personalized gifts for all of life’s “first’s.”   Don’t let another first slip by!

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