Earn bonus points with your guy this February 14th by surprising him with a custom coffee mug designed just for your boyfriend.

A coffee mug is the perfect boyfriend gift for any occasion, even Valentine’s Day. Fill it with his favorite sweets or snacks, add a bag of gourmet coffee, a tin of tea or some hot chocolate, or simply include a gift card to his favorite coffee or tea shop and your Valentine’s gift is complete.

Go one step further and create a custom coffee mug with his name, a sweet saying or photos and you’re sure to make him smile this February 14th. If you’re looking for a sweet and simple Valentine’s Day gift for your guy, start with a custom mug designed just for your boyfriend.

Here are our top 10 cute, clever and totally romantic boyfriend mug ideas that are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

  1. Your Favorite Memories Photo Mug
  2. We Go Together Like… Couples Mug Set
  3. HUGE Crush Oversized Coffee Mug
  4. Picture Perfect Photo Travel Mug
  5. So Happy Together Romantic Coffee Mug Set
  6. Who Loves You? Funny Coffee Mug
  7. Long Distance Love Personalized Mug Set
  8. Hugs & Kisses Romantic Photo Mug
  9. Photo Collage Custom Ceramic Coffee Mug
  10. Photo Expressions Personalized Coffee Mug

1. Your Favorite Memories Mug

Add a photo that defines your relationship and you’ve got a mug that will remind him of the good times you’ve had every morning. It can be a photo from your last trip together, a memorable party or simply a weekend you shared that was just pure bliss. Bring him back to that day with the photo and a short message you get to write on the back of the mug.

2. We Go Together Like… Mug Set

This fun mug set checks off all the boxes: It’s cute, clever and very romantic. Choose from 10 exclusive designs that show how well you two go together, like peanut butter and jelly, bacon and eggs, rock and roll and many more. Then simply add your names and this adorable coffee mug set will be your and your boyfriends favorite.

3. HUGE Crush Coffee Mug

If he doesn’t know it already, this giant mug will make it crystal clear that you have a HUGE crush on your guy. This oversized mug has a romantic design you can personalize with your and your boyfriend’s initials and any two line message. The extra ounces this mug holds are perfect for the serious coffee drinker.

4. Picture Perfect Travel Mug

If your guy has a long commute or travels for work then this photo travel mug will make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him. Add up to six photos and any two lines of text and customize the text and accent colors so they go along with your photos.

5. So Happy Together Romantic Coffee Mug Set Of 2

Great for the boyfriend who loves bike riding, fishing or writing, this adorable coffee mug set is available in your choice of three unique hand-drawn designs. Add your names to the bike riding mug set where the two of you are on tandem bicycle with hearts all around. Or choose the design where your guy is fishing for your heart or sending you a love letter paper airplane.

6. Who Loves You? Funny Coffee Mug

Get clever and personalize this funny coffee mug for your guy with his photo and three fun things about his personality. Or add your own photo to tell him just how you feel about him! Either way, this cute and clever mug is sure to be your boyfriend’s favorite.

7. Long Distance Love Personalized Mug Set

For those in long distance relationships, this romantic coffee mug set offers a special way for the two of you to share a cup of coffee — even when you’re miles and miles away. Add your names, the U.S. state you’re in along with a short, one line message. Every time your guy drinks from this mug you’ll know he’s thinking of you.

8. Hugs & Kisses Romantic Photo Mug

Whether he’s near or far, send him your love, hugs and kisses with this custom photo coffee mug. Add three of your favorite photos and up to four lines of text to tell him just how you feel about him this Valentine’s Day. This romantic mug is a perfect daily reminder of your love.

9. Photo Collage Custom Coffee Mug

Say “I love you” with a stunning collage of your most cherished photos. Add up to eight of your favorite shots — in color or black and white — to create a unique coffee mug your boyfriend will surely love. Add photos from your recent trip together or create a timeline of photos from the time you met until today. Because a picture is worth a thousand words you can say so much more with just the photos you choose.

10. Photo Expressions Personalized Coffee Mug

Surprise your boyfriend with a personalized coffee mug that says it all. Add your favorite photo and choose from eight exclusive text graphics to add an overlay on top of your photo. On the back of the mug include your special message to tell him just how you feel. Make this mug as cute, clever or romantic as you like simply by choosing the photo and design to match.

Find more custom coffee mugs and other unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your boyfriend, fiance or husband in our Valentine’s Day store and download our adorable free printables for coffee, tea and cocoa lovers below!


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