10 Creative Non-Toy Gift Ideas For 1st Birthdays

Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids
| 10 Creative Non-Toy Gift Ideas For 1st Birthdays

First birthdays are so special. There’s nothing more precious than a one year old being surprised by a birthday cake with a lit candle on top, a birthday song and family and friends gathering around to celebrate. Such an important milestone birthday should be commemorated with meaningful gifts that can stand the test of time.

You know there will be plenty of toys and cute outfits for the little one year old, so why not go for something more original — and more practical! Below you’ll find 10 creative gift ideas that are perfect for first (and even second, third or fourth) birthdays that are not toys.

1. Custom Name Art

Custom Name Decor

A custom-made wooden sign or canvas print with the child’s name is a gift that will be treasured for years. Parents will appreciate the thoughtful gesture and the art piece will become a fun part of the child’s room. Our favorite custom name art is this arrow inspired personalized wooden sign that’s available in 6 colors and unique designs for boys and girls. It’s perfect for a one year old’s room or even an older child.

2. Dry Erase Birthday Sign

It's My Birthday Personalized Dry Erase Sign

Here’s another gift that will get plenty of use for many years to come. This personalized dry erase birthday sign can be filled in with the child’s personal details every year for a great photo prop and birthday party decor. You can customize the It’s My Birthday sign with any name and birthdate and then add in each year’s details with a dry erase marker. Genious!

3. Personalized Growth Chart

It's My Birthday Personalized Dry Erase Sign

If you’re looking for a gift that can do double duty, consider a personalized kids’ growth chart. It will become part of the child’s room decor and a fun way to keep track of how fast they’re growing. As they outgrow the chart, the banner will become a keepsake from their childhoods that they’ll be able to share with their own kids one day.

4. Kids Backpack, Duffel Bag or Luggage

Kids Custom Backpacks & Luggage

You won’t believe how excited kids can get over their first very own backpack or luggage set. Make their first travel accessory more special by customizing it with their name. Choose from child-sized backpacks, duffel bags, rolling luggage bags and more, all of which come in fun designs and colors that are perfect for kids. You know they’ll get plenty of good use out of these going for a sleepover or a night at grandma’s house.

5. Custom-Made Name Puzzle Stool

Custom-Made Name Puzzle Stool

Our rainbow colored custom puzzle stools are ideal gifts for a milestone birthday. And these stools are both fun and functional. They’re great for teaching kids how to spell their own names and how to put the right pieces in the right place. They’re also handy for sitting and standing on when needed. Choose between small and large, primary or pastel colors, and then add the child’s first or both first and second names.

6. Personalized Night Light

Personalized Night Light

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly birthday gift, consider a personalized night light. Simply choose a design and add the child’s name. It’s another fun and functional gift that will get a lot of good use.

7. Personalized Bookcase

Personalized Bookcase

By one year, the birthday boy or girl will be starting to grow their book collections. Help them organize and display their favorite books in a personalized bookcase. Available in three colors, this bookcase can be customized with any name, which will be embroidered on the front in your choice of color as well as script or block font. It’s a great gift that both the child and parent will love and appreciate.

8. Personalized Toy Box

Personalized Toy Box

A toy box is a great way to teach kids to keep their toys and games neat and organized. Make their very first toy box more special by add their name to the front! Our personalized toy boxes are made to last and come in four color options, including this stunning red. This might be one birthday gift that kids and parents might hold onto to pass on to the next generation.

9. Personalized Kids’ Chair

Personalized Kids' Chair

Whether it’s for indoor or outdoor use, a personalized kids’ chair will get a ton of great use. Kids are so excited to have their very own furniture and there’s nothing like a fun chair that’s just the right size for them! Choose from upholstered anywhere chairs, kids rocker chairs and even outdoor Adirondack chairs. add their names for that custom touch and you can be sure it will be their favorite piece of furniture for many years.

Personalized Kids' Chair

10. Personalized Piggy Bank

Personalized Piggy Bank

It’s never to early to teach kids to save! And what better way than with a personalized piggy bank customized just for the birthday tot. Our Polka Dot piggy banks, available in pink and blue, has that sweet, classic look and feel with a modern touch. It’s a keepsake gift that can become part of the child’s room decor and the perfect place to store their birthday money!

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