To many, St. Patrick’s Day is a festival of green beer and parades. But to those raised in an Irish Catholic household, it means much more. It’s a day to celebrate family and friends, even if they have a green shamrock painted on their face!

What is a Claddagh ring?

One of the traditional symbols of Irish culture is the Claddagh (pronounced clada) ring. Two hands represent friendship, a crown signifies loyalty, and a heart symbolizes eternal love. When the heart is pointed inward, your heart is spoken for; when the heart is pointed outward, your heart is open.

Historically handed down from mother to daughter, the Claddagh ring has also become a symbol of our ties with the past. As Irish people, we remember those who had to leave Ireland with nothing during the great famine of the 19th century — taking the long voyage across the Atlantic to America. The gold Claddagh ring was to become for many the only link with their home country and practically their only savings and family inheritance.

claddagh ring with Golden Claddagh Personalized Note Cards

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