If you’re bringing home a new sibling this year, make sure to include older brothers and sisters in this exciting time for the whole family.

As soon as we saw this adorable photo idea, we knew we had to share it with all of you who are welcoming new spring babies into your life!

We loved the “Sibling for sale” photo shoot idea — what a cute way to include the other kids in the baby announcements you’ll be sending out to all your family and friends! Even though the photo is staged, we know it’s not always easy for older siblings when a new baby comes along. It’s easy to see why an older sibling would be upset over getting a new little brother or sister — suddenly, all the attention that was on them is now shifted over to the new family member. Not anymore! We’re excited to share a couple of tips that will help prevent your children from feeling left out when the new baby comes and instead get them excited about becoming a big brother or sister!

Our first tip is to create personalized T-shirts for each of your little ones. Choose one of the four titles — Big Brother, Baby Brother, Big Sister, or Baby Sister — and have it personalized with any name on your choice of a baby bodysuit, infant bib, youth T-shirt, or toddler hooded sweatshirt.

Once the baby arrives, you can give them to your kids so they’ll be reassured that no one has forgotten about them and they’ll be excited to get a gift. They’ll love wearing their new T-shirts and will walk proudly around the hospital letting all your visitors know that they’re the new big brother or sister! Just think of how precious it will be to have your little ones wearing their personalized T-shirts when you introduce them to their new sibling for the very first time! You’ll be thankful that the first photo you have of your children meeting each other will include that extra, personal touch.

That special photo will look even better when you display it in a Big/Baby Brother & Sister Personalized Photo Frame that you created exclusively for your family. Select a blue and green design or a purple design and personalize it with any name and your choice of Big Brother, Baby Brother, Big Sister, or Baby Sister on a vertical or horizontal frame.

It’s a great idea to sit down and spend some quality one-on-one time with your children before the baby comes. Give them their new personalized frame as you explain how exciting it will be for them to have a new little brother or sister. Once you’ve explained any questions or anxiety they may have or feel, they’ll feel much more comfortable about the upcoming changes in lifestyle and they’ll get even more excited about becoming an older sibling!

With all the time you’ll be spending in your hospital room, your children are bound to become restless and bored. The Big Sister/Big Brother Personalized Coloring Activity Book & Crayon Set is the perfect gift to pair with the personalized kids’ apparel to help keep them occupied during your hospital stay or while your family and friends are looking after them.

The activity book features a story that explains how a new older brother or sister can help their mother prepare for the baby and what to do when the baby arrives. The book offers pictures to color, as well as games, puzzles, and mazes that will teach your little one about your new bundle of joy. You can select a boy or girl design and add their name so it will be featured on the cover and throughout the inside pages of the book. Your children will have a blast coloring and learning about their new sibling at the same time!

For more great sibling gift ideas, check out our most popular Personalized Kids Gifts. We have a wide selection of gifts for siblings that kids of all ages will love!

Good luck with the new addition to your family and don’t forget to show the baby’s siblings some love this spring!

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Kate Sabino is the Senior Paid Social Manager at Personalization Mall.

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