Congrats! Your man has popped the big question and you’re on your way to wedded bliss. Once the butterflies in your stomach start to calm down, you may experience some natural anxiety about planning the perfect wedding. And while the internet is full of wedding inspiration, ideas, recommendations, do’s and don’ts, DIY projects and so much more, it can all be very helpful, but sometimes also a bit overwhelming.

Planning every detail of your dream wedding should be fun, romantic, and exciting — not stressful and intimidating. With so much emphasis on having the perfect wedding, one wrong move can turn a blushing bride into Bridezilla. Make sure you stay stress-free with helpful tips that will offer good advice and guide you in the right direction.

So while you’re getting your save the date cards and wedding invitations ready to send out and choosing just the right flower arrangements to go with your wedding theme, we have some handy tips to make sure you look absolutely stunning on your big day.

The 2017 Ultimate Guide to Bridal Accessories

Our infographic offers a visual guide on choosing just the right jewelry and bridal accessories to accent your unique features.

You’ll learn about what types of necklaces go best with your wedding dress and which earrings are right for your face shape so you can quickly narrow down your options and find wedding jewelry that you love — and that will look great on you!

So for example, if your wedding dress is has a halter top you should look for narrow pendants, preferably with a sharp end. But if your dress is strapless a choker or short pendant will look better.

As for earrings, if your face is round, go for long skinny or twisted earrings and avoid buttons, round shaped earrings and hoops. But if your face is more of a rectangle you should absolutely go for round shapes, ovals, buttons, hoops and teardrop earrings, which will complement your angled features. But try to avoid styles that are angled or drop longer than your chin.

You’ll also see what the common terms are for the different necklace lengths, which can be helpful when shopping for the perfect necklace online.

The guide also includes information on different shoe types and heel heights to help you find the style that will be comfortable and will look beautiful.

And of course, you can share this valuable insight with your bridesmaids so you can make sure they look their best on your wedding day, too.

Make Your Wedding Planning Stress-Free

This is just one of the small ways you can make your wedding planning just a bit more worry-free knowing that you’ve chosen just the right bridal accessories to complement your unique features and your beautiful wedding dress.

Please let us know in the comments if there are any other burning questions you have in regards to choosing the right bridal accessories and we’ll do our best to help!


Kasia Lorenc is a writer and editor at Personalization Mall, covering gifting, home decorating and more.

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