Staying at home this summer? Here’s how you can make your staycation fun, relaxing and personalized.

Like many other families, we’re watching our spending, and that includes the traditional summer vacation. But just because we are not jetting off to a resort doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves. In fact, as a parent, I find our “staycation” more relaxing than going away, especially with a 5-year old who insists she no longer needs a nap! And with teenagers who prefer to be with their friends, it works out better for everyone!

Here are some tips for a successful staycation:

1. Schedule start and end dates

Just like your vacation, plan a beginning and ending to your at home staycation to make it feel official.

2. Pack that time with activities

Let everyone vote on what they want to do. Invite neighbors and friends over for a backyard BBQ. Our next door neighbors host an annual outdoor movie night, complete with blankets, popcorn, and a movie under the stars. Don’t forget the beverages! This stainless steel personalized beverage tub works well for everything from juice boxes to soda to beer.

3. Declare a “choratorium”

A “choratorium” means no chores! Don’t make the beds, vacuum, or pull weeds. After all, you’re on vacation!

4. Take staycation photos

Just as you would if you went away from home, take plenty of photos to capture the fun memories. Then use those photos to create wall art, unique keepsakes and other fun photo gifts.

Happy Summer!


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