November is here, which means Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away! Whether you’re hosting the big feast at your house or bringing a dish to someone else’s home, we have some great tips for you to add A Personal Touch to your Turkey Day!

There’s one thing you can always count on happening Thanksgiving Day – a mess! With all the chopping, cooking, baking, etc., the kitchen is guaranteed to suffer a spill or two.

That’s why the Give Thanks To The Cook Personalized Apron is a must have for any cook this Thanksgiving! Since the bird has to spend so much time in the oven, the cook is usually stuck wearing an apron while their guests arrive. When you personalize the Give Thanks To The Cook Apron you not only get to personalize your name on the apron, you can display an elegant design in the kitchen while you cook and host at the same time, too! It will protect the nice clothes you have on underneath while still featuring a festive Thanksgiving design!

If you don’t plan on doing too much cooking this year and were only assigned a side item, the Give Thanks To The Cook is the perfect hostess gift to give to the chef who has taken on the turkey challenge! They’ll be truly touched and will know that you really are thankful for their hard work.

Also, if you’re responsible for a side dish and aren’t sure what to bring, we have an adorable suggestion for you. Make sure you ask to bring a dessert so you can make your own Turkey Treats like the ones we saw on! Click on the previous link and you’ll be able to read the full recipe for how to make these beautiful birds!

All you need is candy corn, double stuff Oreo cookies, whoppers, peanut butter cups, and chocolate and yellow frosting! This may take some time so if you’re running late you can just get the base of the turkey started and bring the supplies to the house where you’ll be having dinner. You can make it a fun project that kids of all ages (5-105 years old!) will love to help with! Sticking with the spirit of Thanksgiving, ask your little (or big!) helpers to say one thing they are thankful for each time they add a feather (candy corn) to their turkey.

The little turkeys could double as adorable place holders and will taste so good, every guest will gobble them right up!

We hope this helps get your creative juices flowing because we’d love to hear any ideas you may have for some fun Thanksgiving treats! Leave a comment here with a suggestion so we can all share and make sure you keep checking back here on the A Personal Touch blog all month long for more tips and tricks to making your Turkey Day fantastic!

Happy Gifting!


Kate Sabino is the Senior Paid Social Manager at Personalization Mall.

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