Capture Magical Holiday Moments

Capture Magical Holiday Moments

Well, here we are… the week of Christmas, and the holiday celebrations are in full gear!  While it’s a very busy time of year, be sure to savor the simple pleasures of the season – the beauty of snowfall, the innocence of children, and the warm greetings that we share with everyone we meet!

Holiday gatherings are the perfect time to take photos of family and friends, so be sure to bring your camera everywhere you go.  Here are a few tips to help make the most of this special time of year:

1.  Be Candid.  Some of the best images are those captured when no one is looking, like that surprised face when opening a present or a group singing and dancing.  Digital cameras make it easy to edit later, so snap away!

2.  Get Down On Their Level.  If you’re shooting snapshots of children or pets, move to their eye level, so you capture the real energy and feelings of the moment.

3. Use Plain Backgrounds.  Reducing the distractions will make your subjects stand out more.

4. Move In Close.  Get as close to your subjects as you can.  But sometimes, people don’t like to be photographed, so that’s when your zoom feature comes in handy!

5. Take Vertical Photos.  Often, people forget to turn their camera, but vertical shots can be more appropriate (and more interesting) with certain subjects.

Today’s photos will become tomorrow’s keepsakes, especially with the great collection of photo gifts that we offer… one of our most popular photo gifts is our Photo Sentiments Personalized Ornament, with any 2-line message appearing under your favorite snapshot.  From photo mugs to photo golf balls, we have something for everyone!  And photo gifts always bring the brightest smiles!

Happy Holidays & Happy Photo Shooting!

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