Celebrate Dad: He’s The Man

Celebrate Dad: He’s The Man

If your family was anything like mine growing up, when you asked Dad about something important, the standard response was, “Go ask your mother!”  But when it came to money for the ice cream truck, he always managed to find spare change. (That’s where his level of authority ended!)  Mom ran the house, but Dad made it more fun!

Likewise, my husband and I have followed in those same footsteps. To my 3 kids, Dad is their “buddy,” the pushover who can be talked into almost anything.  He leaves all of the “unpleasant” decisions up to me!  I actually feel jealous sometimes, when I see how easily he can drop everything for a game of catch or “Go Fish.”  After all, that’s what life is all about!  He reminds me of my own dad, who taught me how to ride my bike and more importantly, how to clean up the kitchen, so mom wouldn’t realize the mess we made!

This Father’s Day, let’s celebrate all of those wonderful guys out there, who make time for little league and flying kites (and covering up for their kid’s mistakes!) Those years fly by before we know it, so enjoy them while you can!  For those Father & Son dynamic duos out there, treat them to matching shirts with our personalized “Team” shirts.

Happy Dad’s Day!

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