Celebrate How Grand Your Grandparents Really Are

Celebrate How Grand Your Grandparents Really Are

Ice Cream. Trips to the park. Storytime. These are just some of the many ways grandparents spoil their grandkids. It’s a wonderful bond, and it means a great deal to both the grown-up and the child.

My mother-in-law lives right down the street, and my three children have a great relationship with her. She loves spending time with them, and she makes each one feel special. Unfortunately, their other grandparents passed away before they even knew them. But filling that void is our incredible neighbor, Bob. He is 80 years old, and lives across the street from us. Since he is retired, he has plenty of time on his hands, and loves to spend it with all the children on the block. If he’s not playing a game of catch, he’s cheering the kids on at their ball game. And he always surprises the little ones with a cookie or two. Somehow he remembers the birthday of every child on the block and shows up with a special treat for them. He is definitely my kids’ (and many others) “adopted” grandpa!

Sunday, September 13 is National Grandparent’s Day. It’s the perfect opportunity to “spoil” your grandma or grandpa and let them know just how “grand” they really are! Turn a favorite photo into a Photo Canvas Print to proudly display in their home. Or warm their hearts with a personalized coffee mug listing the names of all their grandchildren.

We offer many personalized gifts to make the day especially “grand!”

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