Find unique party planning tips and ideas for hosting your own summer golf outing in personalized style.

Can you believe we’re halfway through summer already? The end of July is usually when I start to tire of the dog days of summer and begin craving a new, unique way to spend the day out with friends.

It’s time to put an end to the mid-summer blues and enjoy a warm sunny day catching up on much-needed girl time with friends by hosting your own personalized golf outing!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a rookie who’s self-conscious about your score, or a seasoned pro with a serious handicap – you can create a fun and light atmosphere for players of all skill levels by choosing Scramble or “Best Ball” play to keep things less intimidating but still challenging.

For the beginners out there, Scramble or “Best Ball” play is when each player tees off every hole. The best shot from the group is chosen and then all the players shoot their second shots from that spot. This continues until the ball drops in the cup.

Let The Planning Begin

Start off by creating a unique tournament name to set it apart from all the other run-of-the-mill golf outings. Something like “1st Annual Ladies & Lattes on the Links” would be a fun theme to work with.

Keep the party intimate and invite three friends for one foursome or invite as many players as you’d like. Once you’ve decided on the name, date and location for the party, have some fun making golf-themed invitations and check out our golf-themed return address labels for the perfect finishing touch.

Fun tip: Keep it light by encouraging your guests to dress the part in all pink or over-the-top golf outfits.

After the RSVPs have been counted and the day finally arrives, impress your guests with your party planning skills first thing that morning by welcoming them to the “1st Annual Ladies & Lattes on the Links” with a personalized banner and other custom party decorations you created.

The banner is a great way to make your party stand out from any previous golf outing your friends have attended.

Make sure you are in the first foursome so that you’ll be ready in the clubhouse to hear the ladies gasp as they trickle in from the back nine and get their first glimpse of your table setting skills.

The first thing that catches their eyes will be the special centerpiece you prepared just for them by filling a large glass vase full of Ladies & Lattes on the Links 2011 personalized Callaway golf balls topped off with a bouquet of matching pink flowers.

Fun tip: Count how many of the golf balls you put into the vase making sure to keep an odd number. Have your guests guess how many golf balls are in the vase and whoever wins or guesses closest to the correct number wins the centerpiece! You can divvy up the golf balls between guests for an extra party favor and let the winner take home the vase and flowers or let the lucky lady take home the whole prize – it’s up to you!

Your guests will be touched as they take their seats and are met with their very own personalized golf coffee mug you had specially made just for them and their lattes. For the perfect finishing touch you can fill clear cellophane bags with a handful of golf tees you had branded with your tournament name, tie the top with a matching ribbon and place inside each guest’s mug as their very own “Tee-bag.”

While everyone shares the fun events of the day over their meal keep an ear out for how each player faired on the course because you’ll have one final surprise for your guests … the “2011 Ladies & Lattes on the Links Award Ceremony.”

Have the ladies vote or you can be the judge of who wins the different “Golf Chick” personalized ornaments. Keep everyone laughing as you announce the 2011 winners of the “Miss Mulligan,” “Bunker Babe,” “Puttin’ Princess,” and “Queen of the Green” awards to some or all players. Or for a more competitive group stick to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ornaments. Your friends will be talking about it all the way ’til Christmas when they add it to their tree with pride!

As the party comes to a close, and you say goodbye to your guests, remind the trash-talking award winners they better get it out of their system now because the 2nd Annual Ladies & Lattes on the Links is only a year away!

What do you think? What unique party theme have you used this summer? Or do you have any other fun ideas to add to the personalized golf outing? Please share your stories by adding a comment to this post.


Kate Sabino is the Senior Paid Social Manager at Personalization Mall.

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