Getting ready for dorm room life takes some planning. Here are 5 must-have things all new college students should get before heading off to school.

As college students move into their freshman year dorm room, many face the same dilemma: trying to cram all their stuff in their parents’ cars! Most bring way too much stuff, but there are a few necessities that should not be overlooked.

Here are 5 things all college students should take with them.

1.  A Telephone

These days, most college students skip the land line and just use a cell phone.  This can also function as their alarm clock, calendar, and planner too.  Shop around for the cheapest plan or be nice to your parents, so they’ll keep you on theirs.

2. A Computer

Most students opt for a laptop, since it’s easy to transport and doesn’t take up much space.  And don’t forget a back-up system – either a Zip drive, memory stick, CD/DVD writer or even a plain old floppy drive.

3. A Shower Caddy

A shower caddy to carry your stuff to the shower is a must for any college dorm. You no longer have the luxury of stockpiling your shower gels and shampoo on the bathtub ledge. Grab a personalized shower caddy so you always know which one is yours. You can also personalize your bath towels, a bathrobe, flip flops and more shower accessories. I would say pair of personalized flip-flops is another must-have – you don’t want to be barefoot in that dorm room shower!

4. Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies for your clothes as well as you room are another must-have. Laundry detergent, a roll of quarters, and a personalized laundry bag are a necessity for every college student. You should also get a small broom, dustpan, dust rags and other cleaning supplies to keep your room tidy and neat.

5. Memories From Home

Chances are that your new dorm room isn’t the fanciest. Most dorms tend to have an institutional feel, but you can easily change that! Create a cozy feel with personalized photo products using your favorite pictures of family, friends and places you love. Our photo wall calendars is a great choice because it’s both functional and decorative, allowing you to keep track of your days with all your favorite friendly faces.

These dorm room essentials also make great gifts for new high school grads as well as freshmen after they’ve been away for a while.  Their mailbox can be a very lonely place, so a surprise package from home is sure to be a welcomed surprise.


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