Find the perfect hostess gift to bring along to your next summer BBQ, picnic or party.

Before you know it, the kids will be back in school, the days will be getting shorter, and summer will be coming to a close.  Enjoy one last hurrah while you can!  Take the kids fishing, or just spend the day relaxing at the beach.  Invite friends over for margaritas.  Soak up the sun one more time!

My daughter starts a new school in the Fall, and one of the classroom parents is hosting a BBQ.  This is a great way for the kids and the parents to get to know each other.  I’ll need to bring some type of hostess gift, but what? 

Find the Perfect Hostess Gift

These personalized beverage huggies are always a hit at parties! And they’re great for everything from soda pop to beer, fitting both cans and bottles.  Bringing a dish to share at the party, like a pasta or fruit salad, in a personalized serving bowl (customized with the hostess’ name, of course!) is another great idea. She’ll enjoy using it long after the party is over. Browse our Summer Gifts store for more unique hostess gift ideas that are perfect for summer.

Put down that school supply list, and head outdoors for one last day of fun in the sun with your family, friend and neighbors!


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