Set The ‘Be Mine’ Mood This Valentine’s Day

Romantic Valentines Ideas

Set The ‘Be Mine’ Mood This Valentine’s Day

Make this Valentine’s Day special for your sweetheart with these fun and whimsical ideas for setting the right mood for romance.

Win your sweetheart’s heart this Valentine’s Day by creating a romantic mood. Whether it’s fun and playful, or romantic and sexy, here are just a few ideas to help you create the perfect setting for love on Valentine’s Day or any day.

How To Set a Romantic Mood:

  1. Light votive or tea light candles and place them everywhere. Use them instead of normal lighting.
  2. Buy red roses or your favorite flowers and fill the room with a wonderful sight and scent. Or pull off the rose petals to sprinkle in the bed or bath.
  3. Use satin or silk sheets, they’re much softer and will make a bit impression.
  4. Play your favorite romantic music.
  5. Lay a rose on your love’s pillow.
  6. Have robes ready for each of you – just right for cuddling!
  7. Have scented massage oil, or be daring, and enjoy award-winning, personalized chocolate body paint – sure to be your favorite dessert!

Here’s to love and laughter this Valentine’s Day!

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