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Wedding Party Gift Guide: Ring Bearer Edition


It’s one of’s favorite times of the year – Wedding Season! Love is in the air, but so is stress … and we here at A Personal Touch want to help!

ringbearer1 Wedding Party Gift Guide: Ring Bearer EditionWe know that planning a wedding can be a lot of work, especially when it comes to picking out gifts for your wedding party. It can be stressful searching for the perfect gift – a gift that is not only unique and special enough for your closest friends and family, but a gift that also has a personal touch that can truly express how thankful you are that they are taking part in the most important day of your life.

But have no fear - A Personal Touch is here with our new “Wedding Party Gift Guide” blog series which will feature posts that focus on one-of-a-kind gifts ideas from our Wedding & Anniversary Store that are perfect for each of the members in your bridal party!

After we saw this adorable photo on Pinterest (at left) of a ring bearer dressed up as a security guard and walking down the aisle with sun glasses, a fake ear piece and a mini safe, we were inspired to start off the series by offering some gift ideas for your Ring Bearer (If you like this idea and want to do it at your wedding, be sure to check out our Personalized Blue Cash Box, which would be a cute replacement for the mini safe and a gift that your Ring Bearer can use for years to come!).

ringsecuritytshirt 300x300 Wedding Party Gift Guide: Ring Bearer EditionWe love the idea of making the Ring Bearer job more fun for little boys by calling them “Ring Security” and we have the perfect gifts to help your little guy look the part!

Our Ring Security© Personalized Ring Bearer T-Shirt is a great gift that will make for cute photos and can be personalized with his name and your wedding date - all for just $14.95! Think of how adorable the pictures will be of him wearing the t-shirt to your engagement party, wedding rehearsal and other wedding events!

He’ll love showing everyone how he’s a big helper, plus he’ll be thankful that you let him change out of his formal wear from the ceremony and into this comfy t-shirt for the reception.

He’ll be able to dance and have fun without his mother worrying about him staining or ripping his nice suit, too!

ringsecuritycoloringbook 300x300 Wedding Party Gift Guide: Ring Bearer EditionWe think your ring bearer also deserves a fun gift that he can actually play with, which is why The Ring Security© Personalized Coloring Activity Book & Crayon Set is the perfect item to include with the personalized t-shirt.

He’ll enjoy hours of fun with the activity book which is full of wedding-themed pictures for him to color, as well as games, puzzles and mazes.

For just $12.95, you’ll get to personalize the cover of the book with whose wedding it is, the wedding date, your ring bearer’s name, and a cartoon character that looks just like him!

He’ll be blown away when he sees his very own name on the cover and on the inside pages of the activity book! The personalized activity book and crayon set will also help keep him busy during the rehearsal and on the Big Day so he doesn’t get restless and become a distraction during the ceremony.

ringbearerbat 300x300 Wedding Party Gift Guide: Ring Bearer EditionIf your ring bearer is a little older, you should also take a look at our Wedding Party© Engraved Baseball Bat, which you can have engraved with ”Ring Bearer” (or any title if you’d like to also personalize the bat for your groomsmen and ushers), your wedding date, and their name for only $29.95.

Each wooden baseball bat is quality crafted by Rawlings®, measures 28″ in length with a 2 1/4″ barrel and a 7/8″ handle, is flame treated and is even Little League approved so your ring bearer will be able to use it for years to come! It will also be a great keepsake for him to display in his bedroom so he can remember how he was an important part of your special day.

Check out all of these great gifts and more in the Flower Girl & Ring Bearer Department of’s Wedding & Anniversary Gifts Store. You’ll find more Ring Bearer t-shirt designs, puzzles, and other fun toys and keepsakes that can be personalized for a special bridal party gift that your little helper will love!

Let us know what you think of our Ring Bearer Gifts by commenting below and be sure to keep checking back for our next Wedding Party Gift Guide post!

Tips For Making This Easter Extra Special!


bunnybait1 Tips For Making This Easter Extra Special!Hippity Hoppity Easter’s on its way and A Personal Touch has some great tips to help you throw the best Easter Egg hunt and celebration ever!

Hunting for Easter Eggs takes a lot of energy so was thrilled to see the recipe for “Bunny Bait” from Brown Paper Packages on Pinterest! (Check out our Pinterest Easter Board Here). This snack mix is perfect to hand out to the kids to munch on while they’re searching for their eggs and it will help hold them over until brunch, especially if they’re used to eating earlier in the day. You can also use the individual snack bags as place settings for the adults at your party or just fill a large bowl for everyone to share as an appetizer!

As you can see by clicking the above link, the “Bunny Bait” recipe consists of Reese’s Pieces Easter Eggs, pretzels, mini marshmallows and honey roasted peanuts, however you can edit the recipe to include any of your other favorite snacks, too.

Don’t forget to leave some ”Bunny Bait” out the night before to make sure the Easter Bunny knows where to leave the baskets … it will add to the magic of Easter Morning for the whole family!

officialhuntershirt 300x300 Tips For Making This Easter Extra Special!When the kids wake up and run downstairs to see if the Easter Bunny has come, make sure they put on the Official Egg Hunter© T-Shirt you personalized for them before they start tearing through all the chocolate and messy candy in their baskets! The adorable design can be personalized with your little one’s name in either pink or blue font and can be printed on youth or infant t-shirts, toddler sweatshirts, infant rompers or a baby bib.

The cute outfits make for a great family photo op and will also help protect their nice Easter clothes from candy and grass stains while they’re searching for eggs.

Once they have their snacks and outfit – they’re ready to hunt!

We know the Easter Bunny usually hides eggs filled with money or candy, but we have a great idea that will add an extra surprise to this year’s eggs … turn the hunt into a search to find the secret message the Easter Bunny left for your kids!

easterpuzzle 300x300 Tips For Making This Easter Extra Special!You start by personalizing our Happy Easter© Puzzle with your children’s names and placing a couple of the puzzle pieces inside each egg (If there is more than 1 child involved in the hunt, we suggest designating a certain color for each child so you can make sure they find all the puzzle pieces that belong to them).

Then watch as their excitement grows with each new piece as they hurry to put the puzzle together and try to uncover the Easter Bunny’s special message!

This new twist can help balance out the competition for kids who sometimes struggle to find eggs but are great at puzzles, and it’s also great for competitive families because they can offer an extra prize to the child who completes their puzzle first.

Kids will love that the Easter Bunny left them a special message and game with their name on it, and moms and dads will love that putting the puzzle together after the crazy egg hunt will help calm down the kids before the family heads out for church or brunch!

We hope you enjoyed our gift ideas and tips to making this Easter extra special!

Along with the cute Kid’s Apparel and puzzles we talked about,’s Easter Gifts Store has a wide selection of unique personalized gifts, such as Easter Baskets, festive home decorations, plush bunnies and more, all of which are sure to add a personal touch to your spring celebration! If you hurry over to our store now, you can save up to 30% off all our Easter Gifts before our sale ends Sunday, March 25th.

We hope you have a Hoppy Easter and please feel free to leave your own personal Easter Party tips in the comments below!

“Tales From My Family Tree” Contest Winner Named!


NatGenealogyDay Blog11 300x200 Tales From My Family Tree Contest Winner Named!We loved reading through all the interesting facts the fans submitted about their ancestors, but there was one entry that stuck out from the rest.

A Personal Touch would like to congratulate Alice Link for winning the “Tales From My Family Tree” contest with this amazing family fact she discovered about her grandparents:

My amazing family tree fact that I recently shared with all my nieces and nephews is that three of my four Grandparents share the same birthday. Wait, there’s more - the date is December 25th! Plus, my grandmothers were born on the exact same day. Isn’t that amazing and wonderful! grandparents 001 191x300 Tales From My Family Tree Contest Winner Named!They are all deceased now but what a fun fact it is to carry in my heart.

Thanks for letting me share the fun,


What are the chances that 3 out of your 4 grandparents would share the same birthday? And Christmas, too!? We also thought it was pretty neat that Alice was able to send us a copy of their Holy Cards to show the actual dates.

Thank you to Alice and all the people who shared their family stories (and photos!) with us! We’re happy to announce that Alice can now turn her family tree into a piece of art because she has won her very own Our Family Tree© Canvas Art!

Be sure to keep checking back for more gift ideas, party tips and tricks and contests!

Happy Gifting!

Follow Us On Pinterest!


pinterest 300x75 Follow Us On Pinterest!Are you on Pinterest yet? It’s one of the fastest growing websites and we can’t get enough of it!

If you’re not familiar with the new social media site, it is described on their site as:

“A virtual pinboard. Pinterest allows you to organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. You can browse pinboards created by other people to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and share their favorite recipes.”

What we love is that you can pin just about anything you find from all over the web, and you can do it from your computer or smart phone, too!

It’s a great place to share and store party tips, gift ideas and anything else you can find and want to hold on to!

We’re excited to announce that has started its own Pinterest Boards and we would love for you to follow us! We’ll be pinning gift ideas, along with fun things we find from the people we follow, as well so come check us out and see what we’re “pinning!”


Share Tales From Your Family Tree & Win!


NatGenealogyDay Blog1 Share Tales From Your Family Tree & Win!Here at, we were excited to see that March 10th, 2012 is National Genealogy Day!

Researching your genealogy can be a rewarding and interesting experience – you may even discover something surprising about your relatives! We believe it’s important to research your family tree and preserve your history by sharing what you’ve learned about your relatives with your family and the entire world!

With the “Tales from My Family Tree” Contest, you’ll be able to do just that!

We want to hear what interesting fact you learned about your ancestors when you were researching your family tree. The A Personal Touch Staff will pick one random winner from all the entries and that person will be awarded their very own Our Family Tree© Personalized Canvas Art that they can display in their home to celebrate their family history!

To enter the contest, please send an email with the subject line “Family Tree” to before the contest ends at midnight on March 19th, 2012 with the following information:

- The interesting fact you learned about your ancestors when you researched your genealogy.

- Your full name and email address for where you’d like to be contacted at if you win.

We will announce the winner and share their winning entry here on March 20th, 2012.

You could tell us about how you discovered that your great, great grandpa fought in the Civil War as a General, or how a great uncle invented an important product that we still use today, or maybe you were shocked to discover your family’s last name was changed at Ellis Island … every story is interesting and we want to hear them all!

Be sure to get your email entries in before the cutoff date for your chance to win – Good luck!

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