Now that the craziness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are past us it’s time to get organized!

Christmas shopping can me extremely stressful. There’s nothing more embarrassing than forgetting to buy a gift for someone, especially if they’ve give you one. And there’s nothing more annoying than getting home from a long shopping trip and realizing that you forgot something you needed from one of the stores you were just shopping at.

We want to help you stay sane and organized this holiday season. That’s why we’ve created a Forget-Me-Not Shopping List and Shopping Planner just for you! Just click on the link for a printable version that you can keep with you throughout the month so you always have your list nearby to edit and use!

The Forget-Me-Not Shopping List is a list of over 25 names of people outside of your family and friends who you may not see everyday, but should keep in mind around Christmas time. This list is a great tool to help you make sure you aren’t forgetting anyone when you venture out to the mall. Not sure what gifts to give to the people on the Forget-Me-Not List? We’ve got you covered! Keep checking back here at A Personal Touch between now and Christmas because we’ll be offering gift ideas for people straight off the list! You can add our gifting tips or your own ideas on the space we created for you right next to each of their names.

Once you’ve used the Forget-Me-Not List to figure out all the people you’re buying for, add them and your family and friends to the Shopping Planner we’ve created for you! Here we’ve created an organized planner with space for you to write down each person’s name, the budget you would like to stick to for each person, and a check list you can cross out after you’ve bought the gift, wrapped it and sent it! THat’s right! A Personal Touch has got you covered from brainstorming the gift idea all the way to making sure it gets in the hands of the recipient.

With a little help from us your Christmas Shopping will not only be a breeze this year – it’ll be fun and stress free! We hope you enjoy these tools we’ve created for you! If there’s anyone you think needs to be added to the Forget-Me-Not list please leave a comment here, we’d love to hear your ideas! And don’t forget to keep checking back for gift ideas that will help you with your Christmas shopping even more!

Happy Gifting!