Here at A Personal Touch we LOVE to put a creative, personalized and unique spin on everything. So you can imagine how excited we’ve become now that we’re seeing couples thinking outside-the-gift-box when it comes to their wedding guestbook! Instead of setting out plain ol’ guestbooks, brides and grooms are getting creative and are coming up with unique items and ways for people to sign in and we can’t wait to tell you all about them!

weddingcanvasidea 300x199 Think Outside The Gift Box: Unique Wedding GuestbooksAs always, we stumbled upon our favorite idea from Pinterest! We saw the photo at left and were thrilled to see that people are personalizing canvases, like PMall’s Wedding Memories Photo Canvases, with one of their engagement pictures and having people write a little message and signing their names!

We love the idea that it’s more personal and people get to leave special notes for you but also because once everyone signs the canvas you have a beautiful, one-of-a-kind keepsake that you can hang in your home! It’s like getting 2 things for the price of 1 … and who doesn’t love that!?

weddingcanvases 295x300 Think Outside The Gift Box: Unique Wedding GuestbooksTo make matters better, PMall has a wide selection of Wedding Canvas Designs that offer you choices for even more of a unique twist to the guestbook! Some of the photo examples at right show how you can personalize an artistic canvas without a photo, like the Heart Rock design (top left canvas in photo at right), or another beautiful design like our popular Wedding Vows canvas (top right) which features the most important words you’ll say on the big day! The Forever and Always theme (bottom left) is a great example of how you can create a canvas in different sizes and shapes and also with the option to include more than one photo and the Photo Sentiments design (bottom right) is a great way to create a canvas with a photo and text that is important to you. You can use your personal vows that you’ve written yourself, a favorite quote, or even the lyrics from the song you will first dance to as husband and wife – the options are endless!

puzzle 187x300 Think Outside The Gift Box: Unique Wedding Guestbookspuzzlepicture 150x150 Think Outside The Gift Box: Unique Wedding GuestbooksBelieve it or not, the new guestbook trend doesn’t stop at pretty canvases. As you can see from the photo we came across on Pinterest (at left), people have been creating personalized photo puzzles, like the Love Connection Photo Puzzle (at right), and having their guests sign or leave a note on the front or back of the individual puzzle pieces! We love how unique this idea is and thanks to the wide selection of PMall’s Personalized Puzzles, you can personalize a puzzle in many different sizes, shapes, colors, and designs – some even come with a personalized tin to store them in! You can create one large puzzle (our largest puzzle includes 551 pieces) or personalize a couple of smaller puzzles and after the wedding you can put them together and frame them for one big piece of art or a beautiful wall collage! Think of all the fun you’ll have spending time as husband and wife, reading all the sweet and funny notes your loved ones have left you as you put the puzzles together. You could even bring the puzzle along on the honeymoon to put together during your downtime!

calendar 240x300 Think Outside The Gift Box: Unique Wedding Guestbooksphotocalendar 150x150 Think Outside The Gift Box: Unique Wedding GuestbooksThe last outside-the-gift-box idea we wanted to share with you was one of the most unique ideas we came across while surfing Pinterest.

Brides and grooms have started putting out calendars and asking guests to sign on their birthday or anniversary. How creative is that!?

The only thing that would make this idea better is to use a photo calendar like PMall’s Through The Year Photo Wall Calendar (at right) so that it’s more personal and so you’ll have beautiful pictures to look at throughout the year! It’s a great way to learn all the important dates for your spouse’s family that you’ll need to know once you’re married and it’s a great way to break the ice between your guests, as well!

So what do you think!? Are you a fan of the new trend of unique guestbooks? Have you or are you going to use one of these ideas or one of your own? We’d love to hear all about them! Tell us by leaving a comment or by emailing us at!