See the winning entry in the 2012 Tales From My Family Tree contest.

We loved reading through all the interesting facts our fans submitted about their ancestors, but there was one entry that stuck out from the rest.

We’d like to congratulate Alice Link for winning the “Tales From My Family Tree” contest with this amazing family fact she discovered about her grandparents.

My amazing family tree fact that I recently shared with all my nieces and nephews is that three of my four Grandparents share the same birthday. Wait, there’s more – the date is December 25th! Plus, my grandmothers were born on the exact same day. Isn’t that amazing and wonderful!

They are all deceased now but what a fun fact it is to carry in my heart.

Thanks for letting me share the fun,


What are the chances that 3 out of your 4 grandparents would share the same birthday? And Christmas, too!? We also thought it was pretty neat that Alice was able to send us a copy of their Holy Cards to show the actual dates.

Thank you to Alice and all the people who shared their family stories (and photos!) with us! We’re happy to announce that Alice can now turn her family tree into a piece of art because she has won her very own personalized family tree wall art!

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