Ever wonder why roses and chocolate cost more around Valentine’s Day? It’s simple: they’re the most popular gifts, which means their demand around Valentine’s Day is so high that it drives the prices up. While most every woman would love to get a beautiful bouquet of flowers and some decadent chocolates, this cliched gift combination deserves a break.

This year, ditch the predictable (and overpriced!) roses and chocolates and think out of the box. Surprise your Valentine with unique and original gift combos that will give flowers and candy a run for their money.

Here are 7 ideas for totally unexpected and unique Valentine’s Day gifts for her that will fit different personalities, styles, interests and budgets.

1. A Lovely Mini Herb Garden

Mini Herb Garden Gift

If she loves to cook, she’ll love her very own mini herb garden to take care of and use with her favorite dishes. You can make this a super simple gift, with just five or so types of herbs planted in matching pots or recycled cans, or arranged in one larger pot. Or you can go all out and get an herb planter with a grow light; these can range anywhere from $60 to well over $300.

However, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make this a thoughtful and unique Valentine’s Day gift. This is actually the perfect budget-friendly gift that will show you took the time to find something she will truly enjoy.

Herb Garden + Cutting Board = Gift

If you want to add a personal touch to this gift, customize a beautiful custom cutting board with your names so she can remember this special Valentine’s Day every time she cooks.

2. A Romantic Night At A Hotel

Night at a Hotel Gift

If you’re looking to break up the routine and get away for a bit of together time, a romantic night at a hotel is just the thing. It’s a Valentine’s gift the two of you can equally enjoy. Throw in a sensual massage, a relaxing bubble bath and dinner service complete with champagne and dessert and you’ll have a night to remember.

Chocolate Body Paint + Lingerie

To make this Valentine’s Day gift a tad more exciting and personal, customize her lingerie and a jar of delicious chocolate body paint and take your together time to the next level.

3. A Relaxing Day At The Spa For Two

Spa Gift

Another thoughtful and totally unexpected Valentine’s Day gift is a trip to the spa so the both of you can sit back, unwind and loosen up together. Instead of getting her a gift card to the spa, book a relaxing day for the both of you so that it’s something you can enjoy together.

Find a spa near you and see if they offer couples massages. Some spas even offer partner massage workshops where you can learn basic massage techniques that you can practice on each other.

Spa Valentine's Day Gift

This will surely be a memorable Valentine’s gift, but you can make it unforgettable with a matching set of luxurious personalized robes. Add her initial, monogram or name and customize a matching robe for yourself, too.

4. A Dreamy Bedroom Makeover

Bedroom Makeover Valentine's Day Gift

If you’re looking to do something really special and unexpected for your woman this Valentine’s Day, and you know your bedroom could use a bit of an update, plan a day to do a complete bedroom makeover. Get her on the action, too! This way she’ll be able to choose the style, colors and theme of the makeover and you’ll have fun redecorating your bedroom together.

Romantic Bedroom Decor Gifts

Start with a unique, personalized gift that will be the clue for your dreamy bedroom makeover project. We suggest one of our romantic custom throw pillows or beautiful personalized canvas art with a romantic theme. Then throw in some paint swatches from the hardware store, maybe a catalog or a decorating book with ideas, and your romantic Valentine’s Day gift for her will be an absolute surprise.

5. A Fun Adventure Or Weekend Trip

Adventure Valentine's Day Gift

Although February might be a bit too cold for a hot air balloon ride for many, you can still plan a romantic adventure or a weekend getaway for just the two of you. Whether it’s heading to a warmer climate or enjoying a ski trip, a winter hike or even a day ice skating, doing fun and exciting things together will allow you to reconnect and make some great memories.

Valentine's Day Adventure Gift

Don’t forget to take photos during your adventure! You can customize a unique wooden photo album for your sweetheart just for this special occasion, so you can both look back at this special Valentine’s Day fondly. If you both love to travel, you can even splurge on a custom National Geographic world map (or U.S. map) so you can chart all of your romantic travels.

6. A Cooking Class For Two

Valentine's Day Cooking Class Gift

If she’s always wanted to learn how to make pasta, bake her own bread, make delicious sushi, or learn how to decorate a cake like a pro, surprise her with a couples cooking class. The two of you can get your hands dirty together and learn a new skill for the kitchen that you can practice once you get home.

Cooking classes are becoming so popular that you can find them almost anywhere. They will typically set you back around $50-$75 per person, but if you sign up with a culinary institute or a more intensive class where you learn how to make a full course meal, the price can jump to $100-$200.

Valentine's Day Food Lovers Gift Idea

Make this romantic Valentine’s gift even more special by customizing our one-of-a-kind silver fortune cookie! Write your own message and she’ll be truly surprised  by your originality. You can also customize a set of wooden spoons to be engraved with both of your names or another kitchen essential that she’ll love to use once the class is over.

7. An Elegant Evening Of Culture

Valentine's Day Opera Gift

An evening at the opera, symphony, ballet or theater is bound to be elegant, exquisite and absolutely romantic. This is one Valentine’s Day gift that will score you big points, especially if this is your first time (or first time in a long time).

Make sure you’re well prepared before you head out. Familiarize yourself with the opera, orchestra concert, ballet or play you’re going to see so you understand the plot, or listen to some of the music to be performed by the symphony. At the very least, read the program beforehand so you don’t feel lost during the performance. These days many companies put together information on their sites and even informative podcasts to get the audience prepared for each production.

Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift

Make her feel positively special with a personalized necklace or an engraved jewelry box to start off your romantic evening. Although most operas, symphony concerts, theaters and ballets these days don’t require a tuxedo or a floor length gown anymore, you’ll still want to dress up for the occasion. A custom jewelry gift will be the cherry on top!


Kasia Lorenc is a writer and editor at Personalization Mall, covering gifting, home decorating and more.

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