Celebrate your sweet Nana and Papa with creative Grandparents’ Day gift ideas they’ll love and cherish.

Grandparents hold a special place in our hearts, and for good reason. The connection we have with our grandparents is, in a way, even closer than that between us and our mom and dad. Grandparents are always happy to see us, always make time for us, and will invariably say “yes” to anything just to make us smile. Let’s face it: Grandparents make us feel loved and adored beyond measure. Who doesn’t have fond memories of getting spoiled with gifts and treats from grandma and grandpa? That’s what grandparents do best.

Whether you’re lucky to see your grandparents often or only spend time with them a few times a year, honor your loving grandma and grandpa with a gift they can treasure and take pride in when they’re not with you. National Grandparents’ Day is the perfect time to celebrate your grandma and granddad, but you can also surprise them at other times throughout the year, including at Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, the holiday season, and more.

Gift ideas for Grandparents’ Day

For National Grandparents’ Day, you can find creative and unique gift ideas for grandparents they’ll truly appreciate, including homemade and do-it-yourself gifts, practical items they can use, and stunning keepsakes they’ll never forget.

Grandparents DIY Gallery Wall

1. Homemade & DIY Grandparents’ Day gift ideas

A homemade gift you created just for grandma and grandpa is something they’ll adore. And there’s no shortage of do-it-yourself gift ideas out there, from adorable art and crafts projects for kids to make to practical and decorative items both of the grandparents can enjoy. Pinterest is one of the best places for DIY ideas, and you can find plenty of great gifts to make depending on the level of difficulty and involvement you want.

A couple of other places to find inspiration are these posts about DIY Mother’s and Father’s day gifts for grandma and grandpa. These ideas can easily be adapted for Grandparents’ Day.

grandparents day gift ideas Personalized Mug Set

2. First Grandparents’ Day gift ideas

Grandparents will always remember their very first Grandparents’ Day, whether they just welcomed their first grandchild or are still awaiting the baby’s arrival. Commemorate this special occasion with a set of ceramic Grandparent’s coffee mugs they can use every day that proudly proclaim their new titles of Grandmother and Grandfather. These adorable mugs with heart-shaped handles can be customized with any title, such as Nana, Papa, Gram, Gramps, Grammy, Granddad, or any variation you choose, along with an established date or future “to be” date. They also work great as a pregnancy announcement for the most unforgettable first Grandparents’ Day for the happy, newly minted grandparents.

grandparents day gift ideas Personalized Frame

3. Grandparents’ Day gifts from baby

Every new grandparent wants to show off and brag about their sweet grandchild, beaming with pride and smiling from ear to ear, and a Grandparent’s personalized picture frame gives them the perfect way to do just that. This unique design features the loving quote “When a child is born, so is a grandparent” and can be customized with baby’s name, birthdate, and choice of colors. Simply add baby’s adorable photo to complete this sweet and memorable Grandparents’ Day gift from baby.

4. Gifts from toddlers & preschoolers

What better way to ensure even more cookies and treats from grandma and grandpa than by gifting them the perfect place to stash them? This personalized cookie jar is big enough to hold sweets for all the grandkids and can be customized with up to 21 names featured in a word art heart design. Choose from different color options and pre-fill the jar with homemade sweets to get your grandparents started. Toddlers, preschoolers, and younger kids will love helping to customize and fill this fun gift!

grandparents day gift ideas Personalized Photo Blanket

5. Gifts from multiple kids or cousins

This soft and warm photo blanket makes a great gift for grandparents from kids. It can be customized with a variety of color options along with your own text and photos. Get the kids involved by having them choose the nine photos featured in the photo collage and come up with a fun saying for grandma and granddad to enjoy, or simply include all the grandkids’ names.

6. Gifts from tweens & teens

As Nana and Papa get older, they might start to become forgetful, especially if they have a lot of grandchildren to remember — and all their birthdays! Your creative teens and tweens can help their grandparents remember all their blessings with a canvas print listing their grandchildren’s names and birthdays. This unique model can be personalized with up to 30 names and dates along with an established year, creating a beautiful and memorable piece of wall decor they can enjoy and boast about.

7. Gifts for grandmas

Surprise grandma with a keepsake she’ll treasure always with a custom engraved photo necklace you can personalize just for her. This delicate photo pendant will hold any photo you choose and is engraved with a loving message or the names of her grandkids. This unique piece of jewelry is sure to make grandma smile on Grandparents’ Day, her birthday, Mother’s Day, or any special occasion.

8. Gifts for grandpas

Make grandpa feel special with his very own pocket pillow to hold his reading glasses, TV remove, favorite snacks, book, magazine, e-reader, and more. This manly designed throw pillow declares his spot on the sofa or chair, giving it a practical use he can appreciate. It makes for the perfect gift for grandpa on Grandparents’ Day, Father’s Day, and more.

grandparents day gift ideas wooden postcard

9. Long-distance Grandparents’ Day gifts

For those who won’t get to see their grandparents this year, a special Grandparent’s keepsake gift is the perfect way to share your love. This unique wooden postcard can be customized with any message, making it a personal gift that comes straight from the heart. Include it with a photo album filled with recent family pictures or digital picture frame that will help your grandparents feel close even if they’re far away.

grandparents day gift ideas Classic Favorites Gift Basket

10. DIY Grandparents’ Day gift baskets

Treat your special grandparents to a homemade gift basket filled with love, memories, and their favorite treats to enjoy on their day.

A do-it-yourself basket allows you to create your own custom gift that’s full of personality and charm. Include a mix of homemade and store-bought goodies for them to enjoy, including snacks, teas or coffee, a bottle of wine, and whatever else you think they would enjoy. Then include a small homemade or personalized gift, such as a picture frame, photo candle, coffee mugs, and more.

If you don’t want to put in the time or effort to make your own basket, there are plenty of ready-made options that look elegant and impressive.

Bonus: First Christmas as grandparents

The holidays are just around the corner, so don’t forget to honor their first Christmas as grandparents with a personalized ornament they can cherish each year. This unique design can be customized with an optional photo on the back along with their titles and year on the front.


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