How To Choose The Right Christmas Stockings For Your Home

How To Find The Perfect Christmas Stockings

How To Choose The Right Christmas Stockings For Your Home

How do you find the perfect Christmas stockings for everyone? Here are tips and ideas on finding just the right holiday stockings for your home.

Christmas stockings hung up by the fireplace can add a touch of warmth to your holiday décor. They’re a lovely Christmas tradition, especially for kids, and in addition to being pretty to look at they’re an enjoyable part of the holiday season, making Christmas morning more magical and fun for the whole family.

Just like your Christmas tree, stockings are a big part of your home décor during the holiday season, particularity your fireplace mantel, staircase or wherever you choose to hang them up. Christmas stockings are also very personal, often representing the family member’s personality, interests and other unique characteristics. So how do you find the perfect Christmas stockings for everyone?

When shopping for new Christmas stockings make sure to get ones you really love with colors, designs and custom details you’ll enjoy putting up year after year. If the stockings are meant to hold majority of the gifts you give, then go with oversized Christmas stockings or ones that are a bit more roomy. If you only use stockings for small gifts or stocking stuffers, then you can go with something smaller or more delicate. The stocking holder you choose is also important, both in terms of look and functionality. First and foremost, make sure that it can hold both the stocking and its contents.

Today, you can find Christmas stockings to match any holiday decor, from fancy and elegant stockings with beautiful sparkling details, to rustic burlap and knit stockings that add a bit of homey charm. There are many options for kids, too, with stockings featuring cute holiday characters, like elves, reindeer and snowmen and popular themes, like dinosaurs or unicorns and mermaids. And with plenty of ways to personalize your Christmas stockings you can make sure that they’re a hit with everyone in the family.

Here are some unique Christmas stockings ideas that will fit any home decor, holiday theme, style and personality.

Traditional Christmas Stockings

To create a coordinated look, you can get matching Christmas stockings for everyone in the family — and even a matching tree skirt and other holiday decor to complete your holiday family room look. Traditional colors, like red, green and white will never go out of style and the red velvet stocking with white fur trim will always remain a classic.

Elegant & Glam Christmas Stockings

If your goal is to create a polished holiday look, opt for Christmas stockings that feature plush velvet, delicate embroidery, jeweled accents and tons of sparking details. These gold jeweled velvet embroidered stockings will add sparkle and glamour to your holiday mantle and will work perfectly with a gold or ivory themed Christmas tree. Featuring gold hanging ornament details accented with gold thread and jewels, this dazzling design definitely adds some glam, sparkle and shine!

Trendy Knit Christmas Stockings

Cable Knit Christmas Stockings
Shop Knit Christmas Stockings

If you follow the latest trends you’ll want to consider one of these popular knit Christmas stocking designs, which offer that timeless, heirloom look. One of our favorites is this classic cable knit Christmas stockings available in ivory, red, grey, teal and navy. Each stocking is individually hand-knit and you can have any name beautifully embroidered across the cuff. Depending on the colors and designs you choose, knit Christmas stockings can work with any home decor. These classic cable knit stockings are particularly versatile and will accommodate many different looks, from stylish and elegant to farmhouse and rustic.

Rustic & Farmhouse Christmas Stockings

Buffalo Plaid Rustic Christmas Stockings
Shop Rustic & Farmhouse Christmas Stockings

To create a trendy look with more of a bucolic style in mind, consider rustic Christmas stockings with some farmhouse, country charm. With on-trend buffalo plaid and faux fur details, these rustic Christmas stockings are custom embroidered with your choice of colors and fonts. If your home already has the farmhouse look filled with natural wood and stone details, eclectic finds and country accents, then these red and black buffalo plaid stockings will feel right at home in your family room this holiday.

Fun Character Christmas Stockings

For a fun and classic design the whole family will love, look no further than these vintage-style needlepoint Christmas stockings adorned with timeless holiday characters. Each stocking is accented with a velvet cuff that’s personalized with embroidered names. This popular design features traditional holiday colors that will look great in any home, coordinating well with other holiday decor items.

Photo Christmas Stockings

If you’re looking for something fun and completely out of the ordinary, consider creating custom photo Christmas stockings. You can incorporate your favorite family photos right on the stockings along with each person’s name. Choose a set of photos from this year’s vacation, a special trip or a big event, or pick out a photo from each family member’s childhood for a fun twist. These Christmas stockings will create a fun, lively atmosphere, adding a touch of whimsy and holiday magic to your family room.

No matter which Christmas stockings you choose for everyone this year make sure that they’re personalized with each family member’s name!

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