Want to add a personal touch to your modern farmhouse? Get inspired with our fresh, new farmhouse collection and find unique ideas on how to add a bit of rustic, vintage, farm country charm to any space in your home.

The modern farmhouse style has something for everyone. Combining modern elements with rustic, age-worn and natural materials creates a warm, relaxing space that’s full of character and heart. It’s simple and understated, yet stylish and sophisticated. Achieving the modern farmhouse style is all about creating the perfect balance between the sleek, stylish, contemporary accents and the cozy, comfortable, country and vintage-inspired details.

What Is Modern Farmhouse Style

So, what exactly is considered modern farmhouse decor? Here’s how you can understand and master this popular style in your own home.

Modern farmhouse style is known for its warmth and simplicity, characterized by natural textures and materials like wood or galvanized steel… it combines the sleek clean lines of contemporary design with the cozy farmhouse aesthetic to create a uniquely fresh take on the country living inspired style.”

~ Barn & Willow

Modern farmhouse decorating is rooted in rustic country charm peppered with warm minimalism and industrial elements… Striking just the right balance of pastoral and refined, modern farmhouse decor emphasizes comfort and casual living with contemporary sensibilities reflective of today’s times.”

~ Decor Aid

Modern farmhouse design takes the comfortable, relaxed farmhouse style and adds modern touches such as smooth lines, glossy accents and neutral color schemes… it’s more sophisticated and uses contemporary design elements like stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and sleek lighting.”

~ Living Spaces

Modern Farmhouse Design Decoded

Modern farmhouse decor is all about mixing the old with the new, with a focus on simple, practical, cozy and comfortable. It can be characterized by a number of common elements that pertain to style, materials and the color palate.


Eclectic, vintage, antique accessories and architectural salvage will add instant character in a modern farmhouse style decor. Incorporate collections of rustic, utilitarian, old country items you actually like and enjoy and put them on display.

Find practical and comfortable items with a focus on function first. Feel free to mix and match furniture, choosing pieces with simple lines and natural elements. Curate a collection of artful accents you love that are reminiscent of country, farm life. Try to keep decorations to a minimum and choose to display items that either serve a purpose in your home or add joy and make you feel happy.


Wooden details are key in a modern farmhouse style. Use shiplap, natural wood, reclaimed wood and barnboard details, throughout the space. If you can, invest in wide plank wooden floors or simply wood flooring. Add galvanized steel, wrought iron, and other metal and industrial accents in lighting, architecture and decorations.

Your stainless steel appliances and granite or quartz countertops will feel right at home. Other metal and industrial touches will help add a modern look to your farmhouse style home. Brick, stone, cotton, burlap, greenery and other natural elements will help add texture and interest to your design.


Neutral, light and earthy colors dominate the modern farmhouse style. Your space should be predominantly white, with small touches of light grays, creams and tans. Don’t be afraid to incorporate a bold accent of black, brown, navy or another darker color to break up the light space.

A modern farmhouse is typically light and airy, simple and clean. A wide variety of textures will help the neutral farmhouse color palate from looking flat. Add shiplap or white painted wood paneling on the walls, and keep whitewashed brick walls exposed. Add pillows, blankets, rugs and an eclectic collection of wall art to create a layered look.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen is the perfect place to incorporate the modern farmhouse style. Brighten up the space with light, neutral colors on the walls, cabinets and backsplash. Include some industrial or metal elements in your lighting, cabinet hardware and other accessories. Add lots of natural materials throughout the space, like wood, cotton and greenery.

A beautiful wooden serving board in a whitewashed finish is a great addition to any farmhouse kitchen. It’s a practical accessory you can use during every family gathering. When not in use, it will add a rustic decorative touch to your counter or wall. The custom engraving adds a special and unique touch that will make this piece even more special in your kitchen.

Modern Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

A farmhouse style living room is all about coziness and comfort. Neutral colors and organic materials dominate the space, but the family room can also include plenty of modern updates. Choose casual, comfortable furnishings, industrial light fixtures, a rustic wood coffee table and other vintage or antique details that will add some character to your space.

Decorate your living room with family photos, vintage art and cherished heirlooms that are meaningful and sentimental. If you don’t have family heirlooms, create them! This stunning barnwood framed wall art will add a meaningful, personalized touch to your family room. Hang it in the space above your TV or above your mantel, or incorporate it in your farmhouse inspired gallery wall.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

White shiplap walls are a hallmark feature in farmhouse decor and look great in just about any room, including the bedroom. Add white wood paneling on the wall just behind the bed to create interest, or use wallpaper that looks like shiplap to achieve the same look. Complete the room with pillows, quilts and blankets in soft shades and natural fabrics on the bed and accent the walls with wooden signs or wall art that is reminiscent of the country.

Your farmhouse master bedroom should be your haven. Sticking to a simple, clean design will help you achieve that peaceful, relaxing atmosphere. Don’t go overboard with accessories; carefully choose a few special pieces that you truly like. If you’re having a hard time bringing greenery into the space, consider a simple magnolia wreath, a real or faux plant, or throw pillows, like the ones featured here.

Modern Farmhouse Front Door & Entryway Ideas

Your front porch, foyer or entryway might be one of the easiest spaces to start with a modern farmhouse transformation. Look for items that will make the space more functional, like a wooden bench, wall hooks or hangers for coats and hats, or a galvanized steel bucket for umbrellas. Include wire baskets for extra storage, a rustic wood framed mirror above a shelf or console table, and a boxwood wreath or planter to add some greenery to the space. White wall paneling in the entryway is another practical feature that easily lends itself to the farmhouse style.

Make the entryway welcoming for guests and visitors with wall art, throw pillows or a country-inspired doormat. Whether placed in front of the door or used inside in lieu of a rug or a boot tray, a personalized doormat will add instant charm to your front porch or foyer. It’s both a practical and decorative piece that’s also quite versatile.

Where To Find The Best Modern Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

If you’re looking for more inspiration and ideas on modern farmhouse style decor, here’s where to start:

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