With increasingly more of our communication happening electronically these days, it’s nice to get a personal piece of mail, and that goes double during the holiday season. Sending and receiving Christmas cards is a fun holiday tradition that brings people together across distances both great and small.

Make your Christmas cards extra special by customizing your stationary and supplies with these simple tips.

1. Find the right Christmas card

A Christmas card isn’t just a piece of paper to write your holiday greetings on — it’s a reflection of your family’s personality and style. Do you want a card that’s fun and quirky? Tasteful and traditional? Religious and inspirational?

Also consider who you’re sending your Christmas cards to. If you’re only sending out cards to your family and closest friends, let your personality and style shine through your card and choose whatever design you like. Your loved ones will appreciate the thought no matter what Christmas card you choose.

personal christmas cards with Happy Holidays Custom Card

If you’re sending cards to coworkers, business contacts, or perhaps even acquaintances you might not know too well, consider a more generic holiday greeting card that’s simple and to the point. The important thing to remember is to be conscious of other people’s faith; you don’t want to send a religious Christmas card to your Jewish business contacts, so opt for “Season’s Greetings” or “Happy Holidays” instead.

If you have a lot of Christmas cards to send to both lists, simply buy two sets of cards — one for family and closest friends and the second for the your remaining contacts.

personal christmas cards with Custom Holiday Card

Once you’ve found the perfect cards to personalize, add your family name, a festive, holiday message, and your favorite family photo if you choose a photo card.

2. Sign and seal it in style

When you have a lot of holiday mail to send, having to write down your return address over and over can be both time consuming and a literal pain. Make things easier on yourself while adding a personal touch with a self-inking return address stamp. Choose from dozens of stamp styles along with multiple ink colors for a look that’s truly your own.

personal christmas cards with Holiday Address Stamp

Want to add an extra dash of holiday spirit to your cards and letters? Snatch up a festive Santa sleigh stamp and imprint Kris Kringle and his reindeer in flight above your name and address. And a Snowflake Greetings address stamp is ideal for any mail you’ll be sending out during the cold winter months.

personal christmas cards with Custom Return Address Labels

Another great option to enhance your holiday mailers while saving on precious time is to use personalized return address labels. And remember to pick up some extra labels if you’re hosting a holiday party or will be sending out thank you cards.

3. Send a personal message

Sometimes there’s more to say than you can fit on a card. Whether you’ve got family news to share or just want to add a few extra words, throwing a note in the envelope with your card is a thoughtful gesture that friends and family always appreciate, especially your older faraway relatives who might not hear from you very often.

personal christmas cards with Custom Photo Notepad

Give your holiday notes an extra dose of personality by using your own personalized stationary. Monogrammed and personalized notepads provide a great way to give a little added meaning to your messages. And a thoughtful, handwritten note adds a personal touch like nothing else.


Kasia Lorenc is a writer and editor at Personalization Mall, covering gifting, home decorating and more.

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