Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With The Wee Ones

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With The Wee Ones

Do you have leprechauns in the house?  It always seems to happen around this time of year. Your kids turn into the little green people, looking for the pot ‘o gold.  Here’s a list of great ways to celebrate St. Patty’s Day with your kids!

1) Sing Irish Songs

Irish songs are fun and easy to sing.  Find some videos by the Shannon Rovers or the Clancy Brothers on YouTube. Google up the lyrics and sing along.

2) Irish Dancing

Get your kids matching personalized T-Shirts bring out the video camera, play some Irish music and stage your own version of Lord of the Dance.  The whole family will be watching and enjoying the videos for years to come.

3) Draw a Picture

Have your kids draw what St. Patrick’s Day means to them and let their imagination run wild. You can try crayons, paints or any other fun way they might like. Pictures of leprechauns, rainbows and shamrocks will soon be coming to life.

4) Green Beverages

Pick up a little green food coloring and use it in milk for the kids. What a special treat!  It also works in mashed potatoes, eggs, water and, for Mom and Dad, when it’s time to relax later on – beer from your very own personalized beer stein!

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