Time For Frightful Fun

Time For Frightful Fun

It’s that time of year again…  time for the very important decision…

What should I be for Halloween?

My two daughters have been combing all the mail order catalogs, flagging page after page.  And with each new catalog, the decision changes.  (I learned that lesson when I made their costume purchases TOO early one year!)  By the time they arrived, they were no longer “cool.”

One year, I tried to get our pooch to dress up too.  He was going to be “Dog-ula” with cape and all.  Well, Winston had other plans, and quickly wiggled his way out of the dreaded costume.  We reached a compromise with our popular, personalized Howl-oween Dog Bandana.  He gets to be comfortable, while still joining in the spirit of the holiday!

Be sure to check out our adorable personalized Treat Bags for the younger boys and ghouls.  (The older ones will enjoy the personalized pillowcase/treat bag!)  And whatever they decide on, bring along the camera as you trick-or-treat.  The photos are priceless, and they love looking back later to see how silly they were!

I love decorating the house for Halloween too.  Every year, we carefully select a few real pumpkins to display outside, and every year, our neighborhood squirrels enjoy devouring them!  I’ve trying everything to keep them away – cayenne pepper, kitchen cleaner, but these must be industrial-strength squirrels!  This year, however, we offer the perfect solution — our new personalized Pumpkins, crafted of resin!  Sure to fool any squirrel!  And no messy carving either, with pumpkin goo all over the kitchen! Just what the non-crafty person, like me, loves!    Happy Haunting!

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