Fun & Cozy Hot Chocolate Party Ideas For The Holidays

Hot Cocoa Party Ideas

Fun & Cozy Hot Chocolate Party Ideas For The Holidays

The holiday season is the perfect time of year to cozy up to a piping hot mug of cocoa by a crackling fire. Even more perfect? Inviting your friends and family over to join you. This holiday season, put together the ultimate hot cocoa-themed party with our top hot chocolate party ideas, and get ready for a sweet time!

Create The Perfect Hot Chocolate Mug

If you’re going to have a hot chocolate party, you need plenty of mugs. Any coffee mug will do, but for a really standout party experience, have matching mugs for everyone who attends. Want to really amaze your family and friends? Create a display of custom hot chocolate mugs to greet guests as they arrive. There will be no more worrying about whose mug is whose, and your party goers will be blown away by your thoughtful gesture.
Custom Holiday Mugs

Have fun making photo mugs from your favorite shots or simply add their names, initials or monogram for a unique look. Go with a hot chocolate mug theme and match everyone’s mugs or choose a different mug for everyone depending on their style and personality.

Holiday Hot Cocoa Mugs Mix Up Your Recipes

Once everyone has their mugs in hand, it’s time to serve up the good stuff. Try out different hot chocolate mixes or homemade recipes, and let your guests pick their favorites. You can look up creative recipes online, or – if you’re feeling bold – invent your own! Jot down the best recipes on personalized recipe cards and give them out so guests can recreate your hot cocoa creations and enjoy their custom mugs at home all winter long.

Make plenty of hot chocolate to go around and keep it warm in an insulated carafe. Prepare a table or turn your kitchen counter into a bar with all of the hot chocolate add-ins in mason jars or bowls so guests can try out different flavors and customize their hot cocoa however they want.

Lots of whipped cream and marshmallows are a must, but you can also include other fun hot cocoa add-ins. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Caramel sauce or honey
  • White or dark chocolate mini chips
  • Cinnamon powder or cinnamon sticks
  • Peppermint sticks or crushed peppermint
  • Other spices, like nutmeg, pumpkin spice and vanilla extract
  • Flavored syrups or coffee creamers
  • Coffee or espresso
  • Ice cream


Don’t Forget Tasty Treats

Of course, a hot chocolate-themed party doesn’t need to focus on beverages alone. If you’re feeding your guests, you can serve chocolate for dinner, too! There are more savory dishes that successfully incorporate chocolate or cocoa than you might think – examples include pasta with chocolate marinara sauce, black bean and cocoa chili, chocolaty barbecue, Mexican mole sauce and even spicy tomato and chocolate soup. Look up a few recipes, and try something new!

Holiday Sweets For dessert, it’s even easier. Let your guests indulge their sweet tooth with chocolate candy, brownies, double-fudge cake or the chocolatey staple of your choice. Just make sure to have more hot cocoa on hand to help wash it all down!

Hand Out Hot Cocoa Party Souvenirs

For a truly memorable hot chocolate party, send your guests home with a special keepsake to commemorate the event. If you planned ahead and got each guest their own personalized mug, they’ll have a new favorite cup for hot drinks on cold days that they can use for years to come.

Double down on the holiday spirit with a personalized hot chocolate themed ornament for each couple or family to take home to hang on their Christmas trees. Or make a take-home hot chocolate mason jar for each guest, complete with hot cocoa mix, marshmallows and all the fixings. Other great hot chocolate party favor ideas include custom gift stickers guests can use for their holiday gift-wrapping and take-home recipe cards loaded with both classic and cutting-edge cocoa concoctions.

With a little planning and a big appetite for fun, the perfect hot cocoa party is within reach this season. Keep the theme going all night long with personalized hot chocolate décor, fun games and a lively discussion, and you’ll treat guests to an event that’s fit for a chocoholic’s wildest dreams.

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