dogbowl 300x283 Pamper your pooch for National Dog Week!Did you know it’s National Dog Week?  This week is a great time to celebrate and pamper your pooch!

Recently we asked our Facebook Fans which pet gift they thought their dog would love most and the majority of our fans chose personalized food and water bowls. Well that’s great news because we have plenty of options for you to choose from, like our Throw Me A Bone© Pet Bowls (pictured), or our Doggie Diner© Pet Bowls designs!

There are plenty of colors to pick from and they come in large or small sizes so they’ll fit your furry friend’s size perfectly! No matter which design you feel best matches your home, you can personalize a matching floor mat to rest the bowls on.

There’s the Throw Me A Bone© Pet Photo Meal Mat, which you can personalize to showcase your favorite picture of your puppy, or we also have the matching Doggie Diner© Personalized Meal Mat which matches the Doggie Diner© Pet Bowls, too!

pettags 150x150 Pamper your pooch for National Dog Week!Also, have you checked your dog’s ID tags recently? It’s important to make sure they are easy to read to keep your pet safe. At you can customize a Pet ID Tag (pictured) and pick to have it engraved on one of our shapes, such as a silver dog, pink heart, red star or even a blue dog bone!

Speaking of dog bones, A Personal Touch found a great recipe for homemade dog treats that you can whip up to give your dog a little extra love this week!

homemadedogtreats1 150x150 Pamper your pooch for National Dog Week!Save some money by passing on buying the expensive brand name treats this week and spend more quality time with your family by having them help you put together these healthy doggie treats (pictured). You can have fun making them into any shape you want after you roll out the ingredients, but as you see in the picture, using a little dog bone cookie cutter makes them look official! It’s an easy recipe with ingredients you’ll find at your local grocery store no problem! Just click here to the “Come On, Ilene” blog for the full recipe and directions. You can even save the leftovers for the dogs that come to the door with the trick or treaters in a few weeks!

While you wait for the homemade treats to bake in the oven, click here to print out a picture of a dog that your kids can color to show their National Dog Week spirit! Don’t forget to encourage them to help you walk the dog, clean up after him/her, or throw the tennis ball a couple extra times this week.

If you have a really active dog you should check out our Dog Paw© Personalized Travel Water Bottle made just for dogs. When the dog has its own water bottle, everyone is hydrated and keeping their germs to themselves!

Your puppy will be wagging his tail so fast you’ll think it’s going to fall off after he sees the dog gift you make just for him! A Personal Touch wishes you, your family and your furry friend a happy National Dog Week!

P.S. Follow us on Twitter this week for a promo code worth 15% off all our Pet Gifts, and head to our Facebook Page to enter your dog into our “Your Clever Canine” Photo Contest. All you have to do is submit a picture of your dog’s signature dog trick and you could win a personalized treat jar!

Good luck!