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... Leslie Mirkes! Leslie entered the "2012 Resolutions with A Personal Touch" Contest to tell us about the person she'd like to keep in touch with more in 2012 by using hand-written letters. Here is her winnng entry:
What would Valentine's Day be without some treats from the heart? There are all different types of chocolates, cakes and candies that are decorated with red and pink hearts this time of year ... but have you ever seen a treat with a heart inside it? We hadn't either until we saw this unique recipe from the "Made With Love, By Me" Blog, which teaches you how to bake a heart inside a cupcake! As you can see from the picture, the inside of the cupcakes feature a bright hidden heart as soon as you cut into them. The recipe is really easy and doesn't require anything out of the ordinary with the exception of a heart-shaped cookie cutter. These are the coolest Valentine's Day treats we've ever seen.
We stumbled upon an adorable vintage Valentine's Day Card in a blog post from and we were instantly inspired to share a cute gift idea that, once you add your own personal touch to it, is sure to be one of the most memorable Valentine's Day gifts ever! Since Thursday, January 19th, 2012 is National Popcorn Day, we knew that today would be a great time to share the cute vintage card (pictured at left) that we came across and the gift ideas we have to go along with it! The card features a nostalgic drawing of a bowl filled with popcorn and a cute red heart that displays the clever message: "I'm gonna 'POP' a 'CORNY' question ... Will you be my Valentine?"
Whether you made a New Year's resolution to get organized or are just looking for a few ways to modify your normal routine, we have a few tips to help you get a better handle on you and your family's busy lives. One of the great benefits of personalized gifts is organization. When you're able to put someone's name on something, it can help keep things in their right place. For example, you can keep each family member's schedule straight with the Family Character Collection Magnets. You can personalize a magnet with a whimsical cartoon figure that looks just like each one of your loved ones - even your pets! You can customize the magnet with their name and then choose from male or female adult, youth, or baby figures, with light or dark complexions, and you can even choose to personalize one with a cat or dog. You can use the magnets to display doctor appointment reminders, individual chore assignments and anything else you can think of. Your kids will get a kick out of seeing themselves as a cartoon and will look forward to checking their magnet each day for reminders or notes from Mom.

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