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We Can’t Get Enough Of the Owl Trend!


babyowl 239x300 We Cant Get Enough Of the Owl Trend!Attention all new mommies and daddies: Owls are in!

That’s right – owls are the hottest new trend for all things babies and baby nurseries.

It’s pretty easy to see why they’ve become so popular … just take a look at this cute birth announcement photo we saw on Pinterest and try not to say “awww!”

Adorable, isn’t she? We don’t know if it’s the fun colors or those big, round eyes – everything about them is so cute that they just melt your heart! That’s why PMall has introduced a whole line of personalized gifts that feature an adorable owl design called “Owl About You.” We have all different types of gifts that feature this soft and sweet design and we think it’s the perfect way to decorate the new baby’s nursery!

We think you’ll love our Owl About You” 12″ x 12″ Personalized Canvas Print!

The walls are usually the best place to start when you’re decorating a room and after painting the wall a soft shade of pink, this exclusive owl art will look lovely hanging on the wall above the baby’s crib. owlcanvas 150x150 We Cant Get Enough Of the Owl Trend!Our talented artists created this exclusive design in watercolor artwork that we reproduce on a piece of canvas.

The design features an adorable owl sitting on a tree branch with a subtle background of pink with white polka dots and it can be personalized with any initial and your baby’s name. It adds a nice personal touch to the room that people will see the moment they walk in. It costs just $32.95 and comes ready to hang!

owldoorhanger 150x150 We Cant Get Enough Of the Owl Trend!Speaking of “hanging,” we added our exclusive owl design to one of the most important things every new mother and father needs to have in their home - the “Owl About You” Personalized Door Hanger! This little thing can be a life saver – just ask any parent. With this little sign, you can prevent your baby being woken from her peaceful nap. When you place the door hanger on your front door, the delivery man and your family and friends will know that they need to knock instead of using the doorbell because your little angel is taking a nap! The door hanger is crafted of durable plastic, measures 4″ x 9″, and features a convenient display hook. We customize the door hanger with any name and optional line of personalization that will appear just above the phrase “Whooo’s There” or “Sweet Dreams Little Owl” (you pick one of the two design options) – all for just $10.95!

owlpillow 150x150 We Cant Get Enough Of the Owl Trend!When your family and friends do come over to visit and see the baby, it’s a good idea to have the “Owl About You” Personalized Keepsake Pillow around. This precious pillow is a beautiful decoration all on its own but it can be used to prop up the arm of whoever is holding the baby, too! That way they can hold the baby for longer and their arm won’t start to tire! The pillow features the same exclusive owl design and can be personalized with the baby’s name and initial for $28.95. The keepsake pillow measures 14″ sq. and has a removable white poly/cotton cover and perfectly complements the other owl decorations in the room.

So what do you think about the Owl trend – are you a fan?

If so, be sure to check out all of our “Owl About You” Gifts - there are plenty more baby gifts and nursery decorations for you to add to your adorable nursery!




Birth Announcements With A Personal Touch


birthannouncment1 300x243 Birth Announcements With A Personal TouchNow that the new baby is here it’s time to share an adorable photo of him or her with all your family and friends! When it comes time to picking out a photo to use, it may be hard since you think every photo of your new little one is perfect icon smile Birth Announcements With A Personal Touch ! We suggest adding a personal touch to your photos, like the hilarious photo we saw on Pinterest (at left), that features a baby in a box of packing peanuts with a book titled “Owner’s Manual, Model: Newborn Baby.” Or you can always go the adorably cute route and sneak a photo of your precious little one taking a nap like a lot of the other photos we’ve pinned.

polkadot1 150x150 Birth Announcements With A Personal TouchHave fun with your new baby photos and once you’ve picked our your favorite image, head over to’s Baby Gifts Store and check out the Birth Announcements Department where you’ll find a bunch of cute designs that you can personalize with all of your own information. The Polka Dot Love Photo Baby Announcement is one of our most popular designs and can be personalized in blue, green pink or yellow. This design (at left) features any 3 baby photos and the option to add all of your little one’s birth information including his or her’s name, birth date, birth time, height and weight! The pastel colors and cute polka dot theme for these announcements are beautiful and serve as the perfect background to your new baby’s photos.

polkadot2 150x150 Birth Announcements With A Personal TouchThe Polka Dot Baby Announcement design is also wonderful because it matches the Pretty Polka Dot Personalized Candy Bar Wrappers! This and other candy bar wrappers can be found in the Baby Favors & Party Accessories Department. Instead of passing out those old pink or blue gum cigars, add a personal touch to sharing the good news with all of your family and friends by personalizing these candy bar wrappers with all the birth details. If you have other children, the candy bar wrappers are a great way to help your kids celebrate their new sibling. They’ll be so excited to bring them into their class and school and hand them out to all of their teachers and friends!

So start working on your birth announcement photos and then head over to’s Baby Gifts Store where you’ll find everything you need to celebrate your new little boy or girl!


Show Some Sibling Love This Spring!


blogphoto1 Show Some Sibling Love This Spring!As soon as we saw this adorable photo on Pinterest we knew that we had to share it with all of you who are welcoming new spring babies into your life!

We loved the “Sibling for sale” photo shoot idea – what a cute way to include the other kids in the baby announcements that you’ll be sending out to all of your family and friends! Even though the photo is staged, we know that it’s not always easy for older siblings when a new baby comes along. It’s easy to see why an older sibling would be upset over getting a new little brother or sister – suddenly all of the attention that was on them is now shifted over to the new family member. Not anymore! We’re excited to share a couple of tips that will help prevent your children from feeling left out when the new baby comes and instead get them excited about becoming a big brother or sister!

sibling apparel 146x300 Show Some Sibling Love This Spring!Our first tip is to create a Big/Baby Brother & Sister Personalized Apparel item for each of your little ones. Choose one of the four titles (Big Brother, Baby Brother, Big Sister and/or Baby Sister) and have it personalized with any name on your choice of a baby bodysuit, infant bib, youth t-shirt or a toddler hooded sweatshirt. Once the baby arrives you can give them to your kids – they’ll be reassured that no one has forgotten about them and they’ll be excited to get a gift. They’ll love wearing their new t-shirts and will walk proudly around the hospital letting all of your visitors know that they’re the new big brother or sister! Just think of how precious it will be to have your little ones wearing their personalized t-shirts when you introduce them to their new sibling for the very first time! You’ll be thankful that the first photo you have of your children meeting each other will include that extra, personal touch.

sibling frame 150x150 Show Some Sibling Love This Spring!That special photo will look even better when you display it in a Big/Baby Brother & Sister Personalized Photo Frame that you created exclusively for your family. Select a blue and green design or a purple girl design and personalize it with any name and your choice of Big Brother, Baby Brother, Big Sister and/or Baby Sister on a vertical or horizontal frame. It would be a great idea to sit down and spend some quality one-on-one time with your children before the baby comes. Give them their new personalized frame as you explain how exciting it will be for them to have a new little brother or sister. Once you’ve explained any questions or anxiety they may have or feel, they’ll feel much more comfortable about the upcoming changes in lifestyle and they’ll get even more excited about becoming an older sibling!

sibling coloring book 150x150 Show Some Sibling Love This Spring!With all the time you’ll be spending in your hospital room, your children are bound to become restless and bored. The Big Sister/Brother Personalized Coloring Activity Book & Crayon Set is the perfect gift to pair with the personalized kids’ apparel to help keep them occupied during your hospital stay or while your family and friends are looking after them. The activity book features a storyline that explains how a new older brother or sister can help their mother prepare for the baby and what to do when the baby arrives. The book offers pictures to color, as well as games, puzzles and mazes that will teach your little one about your new bundle of joy. You can select a boy or girl design and add their name so it will be featured on the cover and throughout the inside pages of the book. Your children will have a blast coloring and learning about their new sibling at the same time!

For more great sibling gift ideas, check out’s most popular Personalized Kids Gifts or PMall’s Personalized Baby Gifts Store. We have a wide selection of gifts that kids of all ages will love! Good luck with the new addition to your family and don’t forget to show the baby’s siblings some love this spring!


Make It A Curious George Birthday Party!


curiousgeorgecake 225x300 Make It A Curious George Birthday Party!Curious George is making a comeback!

The adorable mischievous monkey is capturing the hearts of a whole new generation and is here to help you throw the perfect Curious George birthday party that your little ones will love!

Thanks to this incredible theme cake we found on Pinterest and our new line of Curious George® Personalized Gifts, we were inspired to put together this party theme and share some ideas for party accessories, birthday gifts and some cute party tricks to help you plan a successful party!

Whether the party is for your baby who loves watching the Curious George cartoons or for your older child who likes to read the Curious George books – we’ve got great ideas that Curious George fans of all ages will love!

curiousgeorgeinvite 300x300 Make It A Curious George Birthday Party!Before you start working on making a masterpiece cake like this one have to start planning the party and the first think you need to do is send out party invitations!

Our Curious George® Personalized Invitations feature the title “Calling All Curious Monkeys” and can be personalized with your child’s age and six lines of text which can include all of the important details including the name, date, time and location of the celebration and any other optional details you choose! These cute cards are sold in sets of 24 and include coordinating crisp, white envelopes for mailing.

curious george banner 300x300 Make It A Curious George Birthday Party!Once the special day finally arrives, decorate your home or party location with the Curious George® Personalized Party Banner so you can continue the party theme and let guests know exactly where to go for the party! The banner can be personalized with their age and name and is made from heavy duty vinyl so it can be used whether it’s an indoor or outdoor party!

Outside-of-the-gift-box Party Tip: The banner can also be used as a unique guest book! Leave out a permanent marker and have guests sign their names and leave messages for the Birthday Boy or Girl. It makes a great keepsake that they’ll love looking back at for years to come!

curiousgeorgepartyhat 281x300 Make It A Curious George Birthday Party!Another great way to keep the party theme alive is to incorporate George’s friend The Man With The Yellow Hat into the place settings like they did in this photo (at right) that we came across on Pinterest.

These place settings are easy to put together, won’t cost you anything extra (since you’ll already need plates and cups for the party) and are perfect for the Curious George theme! After you’ve purchased yellow cups and plates, take the yellow cups and tape or glue a line of black construction paper around the top of the cup. If you’d like, you can even write down each guests name on the black “belt” so they know where their cup is at all times! Flip the cup over and place it in the center of the plate and that’s it – you have the yellow hat!

As for the food, prepare their favorite meal (after all, it is their birthday!), but we also suggest incorporating bananas. This is a great way to stick to the theme while also offering your guests a healthy snack! Either place one banana at each of the place settings or hang a bunch and use as a centerpiece for your table and have guests take them as they please!

When it comes time for your little one to open their birthday presents, make sure you’ve wrapped up one of our Curious George® Gifts, such as a personalized sweatshirt, pillowcase, growth chart, picture frame and much more!

curious george poster1 300x300 Make It A Curious George Birthday Party!When the party starts to wind down and your guests are starting to leave, don’t let them leave without their goodie bag!

Personalize a Curious George® Poster for each of the kids to take home and hang up in their rooms! You get to choose from 4 different Curious George designs (George riding a bike, playing on his ball, flying a kite or hanging out in his room with toys) and personalize the posters with each of the guests’ names in 1 of 3 sizes! They will have had so much fun at the party and love the personalized touch to their goodie bag so much they won’t want to leave!

And there you have it – the perfect Curious George Birthday Party!

Don’t forget to use proper party etiquette and thank your guests – the Curious George® Personalized Thank You Cards would be perfect! If you have any tips or ideas for throwing a Curious George Birthday Party we’d love to hear them so please be sure to comment below.

Last Chance For Summer Fun!


We’re heading into the final stretch of summer – where did the time go?

I remember when I was in grade school my mom would go out and buy a blank poster board and on our first official day of summer and we’d sit together and write down our individual and family goals for the summer. It would usually include reading three library books each (always my mom’s suggestion), going to the zoo, maybe a museum trip on a rainy day, a lemonade stand and of course going to the pool.

I remember my most challenging goal growing up was the summer I was determined to jump off the high dive at the pool. I had been nervous about it all year but I knew if I put it on the family “To-do” list that I would HAVE to finally conquer my fear or I’d never be able to show my face in my house or school again. It seemed like it was taking hours to climb the ladder to the diving board, and when I looked down it took everything in my body not to turn right back around and climb back down … but I just made myself take a leap and fell SLAP right into the water for the biggest splash of my life!

splashcontestphotoforblog 5 Last Chance For Summer Fun!It wouldn’t be summer without big splashes, which is why we started our Show Us Your Splash Contest on our Facebook Fan page. Have you seen it yet? We’ve gotten a great turnout so far! All you have to do is visit our Facebook fan page and upload a picture of your kid’s best splash of the summer with a caption including their name and the name of their jumping technique or splash. Our Facebook fans are voting for the winner (so make sure you share the link on your Facebook wall so your family and friends can vote – you can vote for one entry a day), and whoever has the most votes by August 7th will win their very own Personalization Mall personalized beach towel! Even if you don’t want to upload a picture, you can still go and check out the fun entries and vote for your favorite – we need your help to determine a winner!

While you add the Show Us Your Splash Contest to your summer to-do list, what else is on there?

What were some fun family things you crossed off the list and what things do you still have to do?

partytub 3 Last Chance For Summer Fun!If spending time with family and friends is still on your list, now would be the perfect time to have a party!

We’re having our End of Summer Clearance now with up to 30% off some of our summer favorites, like our Hampton Collection© personalized Party Tub that will help maximize your time spent with family and friends instead of wasting half your party walking back and forth from the fridge to the outside for your guests.

rolling%20cooler 3 Last Chance For Summer Fun!Or if your to-do list still includes some trips to the zoo or other places, ourYou Name It Personalized rolling cooler bag is a huge money and time saver.

You can bring your own snacks and drinks on wheels with you wherever you’re going and with your name embroidered right on the cooler bag you’ll never lose it in a crowd!

So let’s hear it – what’s left on your summer agenda?

Maybe you didn’t get anything done yet – it’s OK!

Go ahead and vent here – we can all help each other out with ideas to still make the best of what’s left this summer!

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