What Is A Sip And See? Plus Great Sip & See Gifts For New Baby

Sip and See Party Ideas

What Is A Sip And See? Plus Great Sip & See Gifts For New Baby

Last week we talked about a baby sprinkle party along with some cute baby sprinkle gift ideas. Baby sprinkles are a wonderful way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby and they’re becoming a popular trend among new parents.

Today, we’re talking about another up and coming party trend that’s picking up steam: the Sip & See.

While baby showers, baby sprinkles, diaper parties and the like are typically centered around the expectant mom and are all about preparing for the coming of a new baby, a sip and see comes after the baby is born and is all about introducing the baby to the world. It’s truly a welcome baby party that’s casual and low key.

What Is A Sip & See

Simply put, a sip and see is a get-together thrown by the parents of a newborn for family and friends so that everyone can come and meet their new bundle of joy. It’s really more of an open house than a formal party. Guests can come and go as they please, grab a “sip” of a refreshment and “see” the new baby.

The sip n’ see is a party that’s all about the baby and it’s a wonderful way for parents to introduce their baby to their loved ones without overdoing it. The sip and see is simple, no sit down meals to plan, no cake, no games and no opening presents as everyone watches. It’s also a great alternative to a typical baby shower or a baby sprinkle, and it helps mom and dad avoid random, unplanned visits from friends and family who want to come and see the baby.

Typically, sip n’ see celebrations are very casual, no pressure events. Most parents plan their sip and see a few months after the baby’s arrival, but you can send out invitations well in advance so friends and family know that they’ll get a chance to come and meet the baby.

Another reason sip and see parties are becoming so popular is that they offer a way for the whole family to get involved. Mom, dad and older siblings can help plan and prep for the party, setting up a drink station (cocktails are welcome!) and light snacks for guests to enjoy. You can also get your close family (sister or mom) or close friends come and help plan the event. And who you choose to invite is completely up to you; you can make the sip and see small and intimate or invite a larger group.

Sip & See Gift Ideas

Gifts at a sip and see are not mandatory, especially if the mom had a baby shower or a baby sprinkle prior to baby’s arrival. But parents should expect some small gifts for the baby. If you’ve been invited to a sip and see and you’re not sure what to get, consider one of our personalized baby gifts, that can be both practical and memorable.

Custom Baby Blankets & Pillows

You can’t go wrong with a custom baby blanket or pillow. These are two items that will always get plenty of good use and if they’re personalized, they’ll become part of baby’s room decor and maybe even precious keepsakes down the line. Our personalized birth announcement throw pillows are perfect for a sip and see gift because you can add all of the baby’s birth details, like the exact time and place the baby was born, the weight and length of the baby along with their first and middle names. Available in two sizes and three color options these keepsake pillows will go along with any nursery decor.

Personalized Baby Picture Frame

These days parents take tons of baby pictures to remember all of the special moments with their precious babies. Give the mom and dad a beautiful, unique way to display their favorite shots with personalized picture frames. One of our favorite and top selling choices is the baby zoo picture frame block, which is thick enough to stand upright on a table or shelf. You can choose from four adorable baby animal designs and five color options and add the newborn’s name and birth date.

My Baby Month By Month Personalized Dry Erase Sign

Speaking of baby pictures, a popular new way to keep track of baby’s weekly or monthly milestones is with a personalized dry erase sign. Simply add the baby’s name to be custom printed on top of the sign and parents can fill in the rest of the details each month. Our dry erase signs are available in two colors and designs, perfect for boys and girls, and include an area to add the baby’s age, what they baby can do and what the baby loves. It’s a wonderful way for tired, busy parents to take a quick moment each month to note the baby’s milestones, creating a special photo memory. It’s the perfect photo prop for every new baby.

Baby Clothes & Accessories With Baby’s Name

Baby clothes are also welcome gifts at sip and see parties, baby showers and baby sprinkles. And if the clothes are personalized with baby’s name that just makes them that much more special. our baby apparel and accessories collection has tons of options for baby hats, bibs, bodysuits, t-shirts and more. Simply choose a design you like, customize the colors, add baby’s name and you have a lovely and unique sip and see gift.

Personalized Teddy Bear Or Toy For Baby

Another sweet option for a sip and see baby gift is a personalized teddy bear, doll or another baby toy. Adding the baby’s name and other personal details makes the toy more special for the baby, so it’s not just another ordinary toy. Our baby toy collection includes wooden name puzzle boards, soft baby toy sets for boys and girls, personalized books, toy trains, finger puppets, dolls, teddy bears, bunnies and so much more. One of our top sellers is this adorable new arrival teddy bear that can be customized with the baby’s name and birth details, a child’s prayer or a special message.

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