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Our Fans Asked & We Answered: Introducing our Popular New Gift!


dogpillowblog 300x300 Our Fans Asked & We Answered: Introducing our Popular New Gift!We couldn’t believe all of the buzz that our fans were creating after we introduced our new Definition of My Dog Personalized Pillow to our Facebook and Pinterest Fans a couple weeks ago.

This fun, new pillow has everyone talking! Our fans love that the pillow can be personalized in 1 of 4 colors and that it also comes with your choice of 12 dog graphics and can be personalized to include “definitions” that best describe their dog.

While tons of PMall fans were falling in love with our new design, (which happens to make a great gift for Pet Lovers), a couple of our fans made the same request – they loved the design, but they wanted a cat version!

Well we want you to know that our fans’ suggestions and opinions are very important to us here at, and we’re here to tell you that your requests have been answered!

catpillow 150x150 Our Fans Asked & We Answered: Introducing our Popular New Gift!We’d like to introduce our TWO new pillow designs: The Definition of My Cat Personalized Pillow and the Definition of Our Family Personalized Pillow!

Both of the new pillows come with the same color options: black, cranberry, navy or sage and can be personalized with your pet cat or family’s name and pronunciation. The cat pillow comes with 12 cute cat graphics to choose from, while the family pillow features 10 new graphics – each one more unique than the last so you’re sure to find a graphic that fits everyone’s personal style or taste!

familypillowblog 150x150 Our Fans Asked & We Answered: Introducing our Popular New Gift!All three pillows are priced at $28.95 and make great gifts for friends or to keep in your own home. It looks as though the “definition” section of the pillow is what our fans are having the most fun with. It seems to be the main reason that everyone is going crazy over these new pillows! Our fans are having a blast coming up with the words or phrases to use in each of their 3 definitions slots.

We’ve seen people use sweet words in their definitions, such as “loyal.” “kind,” or “loving,” while we’ve seen people use more colorful words to describe their family or pet’s strong personality, including definitions like “sassy,” “ankle biter,” or “puuur-fect!”

Everyone seems to be having fun creating their own pillow and we have YOU, the fans, to thank for it!

So give yourselves a pat on the back – you helped us create one of our most popular new personalized gifts! Thanks again and enjoy the fruits of your labor!


Pamper your pooch for National Dog Week!


dogbowl 300x283 Pamper your pooch for National Dog Week!Did you know it’s National Dog Week?  This week is a great time to celebrate and pamper your pooch!

Recently we asked our Facebook Fans which pet gift they thought their dog would love most and the majority of our fans chose personalized food and water bowls. Well that’s great news because we have plenty of options for you to choose from, like our Throw Me A Bone© Pet Bowls (pictured), or our Doggie Diner© Pet Bowls designs!

There are plenty of colors to pick from and they come in large or small sizes so they’ll fit your furry friend’s size perfectly! No matter which design you feel best matches your home, you can personalize a matching floor mat to rest the bowls on.

There’s the Throw Me A Bone© Pet Photo Meal Mat, which you can personalize to showcase your favorite picture of your puppy, or we also have the matching Doggie Diner© Personalized Meal Mat which matches the Doggie Diner© Pet Bowls, too!

pettags 150x150 Pamper your pooch for National Dog Week!Also, have you checked your dog’s ID tags recently? It’s important to make sure they are easy to read to keep your pet safe. At you can customize a Pet ID Tag (pictured) and pick to have it engraved on one of our shapes, such as a silver dog, pink heart, red star or even a blue dog bone!

Speaking of dog bones, A Personal Touch found a great recipe for homemade dog treats that you can whip up to give your dog a little extra love this week!

homemadedogtreats1 150x150 Pamper your pooch for National Dog Week!Save some money by passing on buying the expensive brand name treats this week and spend more quality time with your family by having them help you put together these healthy doggie treats (pictured). You can have fun making them into any shape you want after you roll out the ingredients, but as you see in the picture, using a little dog bone cookie cutter makes them look official! It’s an easy recipe with ingredients you’ll find at your local grocery store no problem! Just click here to the “Come On, Ilene” blog for the full recipe and directions. You can even save the leftovers for the dogs that come to the door with the trick or treaters in a few weeks!

While you wait for the homemade treats to bake in the oven, click here to print out a picture of a dog that your kids can color to show their National Dog Week spirit! Don’t forget to encourage them to help you walk the dog, clean up after him/her, or throw the tennis ball a couple extra times this week.

If you have a really active dog you should check out our Dog Paw© Personalized Travel Water Bottle made just for dogs. When the dog has its own water bottle, everyone is hydrated and keeping their germs to themselves!

Your puppy will be wagging his tail so fast you’ll think it’s going to fall off after he sees the dog gift you make just for him! A Personal Touch wishes you, your family and your furry friend a happy National Dog Week!

P.S. Follow us on Twitter this week for a promo code worth 15% off all our Pet Gifts, and head to our Facebook Page to enter your dog into our “Your Clever Canine” Photo Contest. All you have to do is submit a picture of your dog’s signature dog trick and you could win a personalized treat jar!

Good luck!

Everyone’s Irish on St. Pat’s Day!


Here in Chicago, St. Patrick’s Day is serious cause for celebration!  Every year, the Chicago River is dyed a lovely shade of green, and a grand parade is held downtown. The city has a large Irish-American population, but you don’t need to be Irish to enjoy the festivities… a love for green beer is enough!

While the holiday is really to honor St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, the day has become more popular as a time to socialize with family and friends.

Irish or not, join in the celebration this year!  Deck out your home in shamrocks. Wear green to work. Bring your kids to the local parade. Enjoy a pint with your neighbor.  Whatever your plans, we have the personalized gear to show your Irish pride.  From the young to the young at heart, we have personalized St. Pat’s apparel and party supplies to make your neighbors “green” with envy! For the Wee Ones, select our charming personalized Shamrock Initial Shirt, shown below.  And your “Irish Rover” will be the luckiest dog in town, when you tie on our personalized Dog Bandana!

Slainte Everyone!  (An Irish drinking toast which translates to “health!”)

9627 21491 Everyone’s Irish on St. Pat’s Day!                4385 13403 Everyone’s Irish on St. Pat’s Day!

Get the Party Started!


My daughter turns 7 later this month, and all she can think about are her birthday party plans!  Of course, she faces the usual dilemma of the invitation list.  “I don’t want him at the party,” she comments about a boy in her class. “He’s just weird!”  And then the question of where to host the party.  While she would prefer a celebration at our home, I’m not brave enough to have 20 small kids smashing frosting into my area rugs!

Once we finalize a location and a list, the rest is simple, thanks to!  We offer a wide variety of party goods, all personalized with your child’s name, for a special touch. Everything from party invitations and thank you notes, to candy bar wrappers and even party banners – all printed with your party details!  Sure to make your celebration a huge success!

But what theme? Decisions, decisions.  Ladybug? Polka dots? Cupcakes?  With the wide selection we offer, the choices are endless!

And I love our new personalized cupcake wrappers – it’s easier and more fun to serve individual cupcakes versus a sheet cake.  And now you can add personalization or even your child’s photo on each wrapper.  My daughter will be thrilled to hand these out to her party goers, especially with her smiling face on each one!

9220 TN Get the Party Started!

And don’t forget… we even offer a collection of personalized birthday apparel, featuring your child’s name, to announce the guest of honor!

Happy Personalized Party Planning!

Plan an Egg-stra Special Egg Hunt!


No Easter celebration is complete without an egg hunt!  Whether you’re planning an indoor event for 3 or an outdoor event for 30, we have a few ideas to make it a success:

* Start with Plastic Eggs!  Real eggs can crack, and it’s time-consuming to cook and dye a large batch.  Instead, use the plastic variety and ask everyone to return them at the end of the hunt (for next year!)

* Hide the Prize Inside!  Stuff the plastic eggs with stickers, small wrapped candy or gum (that won’t melt) or coins.  The Golden Dollar coins also make great “bonus” prizes! Go for random winners, rather than the one who has the most eggs.

*  Use Different Colors!  Color code the eggs according to age.  Get two- to three-year-olds looking for blue eggs while those four to six search for green, and so on. That way, the little ones have an equal chance at finding the eggs.

* Make Words!  For the older kids, write a different letter on each egg. Then have them create words with the eggs they’ve found. The kid with the most words wins a prize.

* Be Safe!  Think about your location carefully ahead of time, and be aware of hazards, such as water or traffic.  An open space such a park or football field is ideal. Make sure everyone knows the boundaries, and if you have a large group, ask parents to keep an eye on them.

* Whose Eggs Are Whose?  It’s easy to keep track of everyone’s eggs, with their names on the personalized Bunny Baskets!  Our adorable boy and girl bunnies make the hunt that much more fun!

7974 TN Plan an Egg stra Special Egg Hunt!

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