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Have You Seen The Gift Everyone Is Talking About!?


Wow! It looks like is going to have to make room in the Customer Favorites Store for the gift that everyone seems to be talking about!

stamp 300x300 Have You Seen The Gift Everyone Is Talking About!?Our Mr. & Mrs. Self-Inking Address Stamper has been making the rounds on Pinterest - so much so that it was featured on Pinterest’s Popular Page and has made appearances on the main Wedding & Events Page numerous times!

People have been “pinning” it like crazy onto boards with names like ”Wedding Gift Ideas” “Products I Love” and “I WANT!” with brides leaving comments saying the stamp was their “favorite wedding gift,” a ”time saver and life saver!” or their “secret weapon!” With all the buzz our personalized gift has created, we wanted to make sure we shared what everyone is talking about with our A Personal Touch readers!

There seem to be 4 main reasons why people are falling in love with our stamp:

1. The “cute” design! We’ve never seen the word “CUTE!” written so much! Brides love the hearts and the ”Mr. & Mrs.” theme and since it’s a PMall exclusive design, they know they’re getting a one-of-a-kind gift they won’t find anywhere else!

2. It’s “very affordable!” The stamp is only $24.95 (or hurry over to PMall now because as of this posting, the stamp is on sale for just $21.20!) so you can save a bundle buying the one stamp instead of paying big bucks for a large amount of return address labels, especially because …

3. It’s self-inking! You don’t have to spend extra money on a separate ink pad plus you get to pick out which color you want the stamp to be (you have the option to choose 1 of the 5 available colors: black, blue, red, purple and green)! And last but not least …

4. It “saves soooo much time!” Instead of spending a ton of time writing each return address label by hand, peeling off stickers or licking gross-tasting labels, all you’ll have to do is press down once and you’ll have a professional-looking stamp that adds a personal touch to your invitations or Thank You notes!

See for yourself what everyone is talking about by reading the comments people are writing on just one of several “pins” that we’ve seen all over Pinterest!

yournames 150x150 Have You Seen The Gift Everyone Is Talking About!?But don’t worry; you don’t have to be a bride or wedding guest to enjoy the benefits of this cute gift idea! PMall’s Personalized Stationary Store has a wide selection of Personalized Return Address Label Stamps that people are falling in love with, too!

In addition to the Mr. & Mrs. design, the Your Names© Stamp (at right) namely yours 150x150 Have You Seen The Gift Everyone Is Talking About!?and the Namely Yours© Stamp (at left) have started to become popular on Pinterest, as well!

So now that you know all the benefits and have heard all the great things people are saying, head over and check out all of PMall’s Personalized Address Stamps so you can start saving time and money like everyone else!

Quick & Easy Ways to Get Organized!


familycharactermagnet Quick & Easy Ways to Get Organized!Whether you made a New Year’s resolution to get organized or are just looking for a few ways to modify your normal routine, A Personal Touch has a couple tips to help you get a better handle on you and your family’s busy lives!

One of the great benefits of personalized gifts is organization. When you’re able to put someone’s name on something, it can help keep things in their right place.

For example, can help you keep each family member’s schedule straight with the Family Character Collection© Magnets. For just $4.95, you can personalize a magnet with a whimsical cartoon figure that looks just like each one of your loved ones – even your pets! You can customize the magnet with their name and then choose from male or female adult, youth, or baby figures, with light or dark complexions, and you can even choose to personalize one with a cat or dog. You can use the magnets to display your child’s A+ paper, doctor appointment reminders, individual chore assignments and anything else you can think of! Your kids will get a kick out of seeing themselves as a cartoon and will look forward to checking their magnet each day for reminders or notes from Mom!

grocerylist 300x300 Quick & Easy Ways to Get Organized!You can also keep your family organized by using the set of 3 Grocery List© Personalized Notepads. What’s great about these notepads, which are priced at just $23.95 for the set of 3, is that you can personalize each of notepads however you’d like. So if you have family members with certain food allergies or special diets that require you to go to more than one grocery store, you can personalize a different notepad for your family member with the diet restrictions or you can designate the notepads for each of the stores you’ll be shopping at. Instead of overlooking certain items on one big list in the store, you’ll have 2 shorter lists that are easier to tackle – not to mention, with separate lists you can always hand off one of the lists to a family member so you can share the shopping and be done in half the time!

dottodot 300x300 Quick & Easy Ways to Get Organized!The notepads also come with a magnetic strip so you can place them right on the refrigerator door so they’re always handy!

If you like the grocery store notepads but are looking to be more organized at work, you’ll love the notepad set with the Dot To Dot© design! You can personalize each notepad for a different job responsibility, such as one notepad for things to go over in upcoming meetings, another notepad for your daily to-do list, and the final notepad to brainstorm or plan upcoming assignments. The Dot to Dot theme is so bright and cheery; you’ll actually have fun writing out your checklists!

The A Year To Remember© Photo Wall Calendar is another great way for you to stay on top of things at home and at work! a year to remember 300x300 Quick & Easy Ways to Get Organized!You have the opportunity to pick 12 of your most precious photos which will be printed in full size for each month. Then you can add any 2-line message you’d like on each month so you can feature special birthdays, anniversaries or whatever is most important for you. The calendar has a writable area for daily or month to-do’s so you can leave yourself reminders and you can choose to start the calendar on any month so you don’t waste money on months that have already passed. And as an organizational bonus, we’ve included a “Dates To Remember” page so you can list all the special holidays or occasions you need to remember throughout the year. Priced at only $19.95, you finally have the opportunity to stay on top of your schedule with a personal touch. After all, a calendar is a lot more fun to plan when you’re looking at your favorite photographs!

We hope we’ve been able to offer some great tools to help you keep your New Year’s Resolution. With all these little tips, just think of how much more time you’ll have to spend with family and enjoy personal hobbies!

If you have any organizational tips you’d like to share, we’d love to hear them! Feel free to leave a comment below.

Have fun getting organized and check back here for Valentine’s Day gift ideas soon!

How to Give Last-Minute Gifts with Meaning!


Time is running out to find the perfect Christmas gifts for everyone on your list! Right about now it’s crunch time and things are getting pretty stressful. You have to deal with finding last minute gifts, wrapping, baking or cookiing for the big day, etc. That’s why this is a good time to stop, take a breath and go over your Forget-Me-Not Shopping List and Shopping Planner so you can make sure you have everything organized and you don’t miss anything.

But if you happened to see our Forget-Me-Not-Shopping list and realized you still need a little something for some of those people, don’t panic – we’ve got some great last minute gift ideas for you!

phototin1 300x300 How to Give Last Minute Gifts with Meaning! is a firm believer that last minute gifts don’t have to be impersonal. They can still have that special personal touch that leave a lasting impression on your family and friends! So here are a few ideas to help you still hold on to the title of “Best Gift Giver” without going over budget!

The Happy Holidays© Personalized Photo Gift Tin is the perfect way to add a personal touch to a last minute gift to a group of people on your Christmas Shopping List. You can fill them with your freshly baked holiday cookies, candies, or brownies and give them to your doctors office, Church, or even your local Fire and Police departments! You can personalize them with any color or black & white photo and we’ll custom personalize the lid with any personalization above and below, for an extra-special personal touch that they’ll love just as much as the treats!

And if you’re afraid you’re running out of time before Christmas, you can always personalize your tins with a Happy New Year message and drop them off next week! These popular tins are available in various quantities with prices ranging from $13.95 – $17.95 each, depending on the number of tins ordered.

giftstickers 300x300 How to Give Last Minute Gifts with Meaning!For the individual people who are still on your list, you can fill bags with homemade treats and decorate them with the Classic Christmas© Personalized Gift Stickers so your gift is extra special and unique. The exclusive design features an elegant red pattern and the words “From the Holiday Kitchen of” in a beautiful font that is followed by any family name or first names that you choose. The self-adhesive labels are sold in a set of 72 for only $14.95! Another way to add a personal touch with your Classic Christmas Gift Stickers is to make your own instant coffee and hot cocoa mix to share with your loved ones! We’d like to share one of the A Personal Touch staff member’s family recipe for a festive drink mix that everyone on your list will enjoy:

Fireside Coffee

  • 2 cups instant hot chocolate mix
  • 2 cups non-dairy powered creamer
  • 1 cup instant coffee
  • 1 ½ cups sugar
  • 1-teaspoon cinnamon
  • ½ teaspoon nutmeg

Combine all ingredients in bowl, mix well. Store in air-tight
container. Mix 3-4 teaspoons with 1 cup HOT water for each serving.

With the nutmeg and cinnamon, who wouldn’t love sipping on a cup of this warm blend and being instantly brought back to your childhood Christmas memories?!

If you’re worried about having the time to bake treats to fill the tin and bags, here are a couple more budget-friendly personalized gift suggestions for those people on the Forget-Me-Not-List that can be hard to buy for:

blogmug 150x150 How to Give Last Minute Gifts with Meaning!For the coworker on your list

We suggest something that is fun and something they can actually use, too … like the popular Personally Yours© Personalized Coffee Mug which is usually $12.95, however if you shop now you can personalize one while ithey’re on sale for only $8.70! You can make it fun and colorful by adding any full or single name and then choosing any 2 color combinations from our 12 background and accent colors. They can leave it on their desk at work and since you will have personalized it with their name, they won’t have to be worry about mixing up their mug with any other coworkers again!

mousepad 150x150 How to Give Last Minute Gifts with Meaning!If your coworker isn’t a coffee or tea drinker, we suggest you think about personalizing a You Design It© Quote Calendar Mouse Pad for them! The mouse pad is usually $13.95 but is on sale right now for only $9.90! Created exclusively by you, we’ll create the calendar with any starting month in any 2 colors from our 12 color options. Then you can personalize it with their name and any of our 35 quotes or you can write your own and we’ll personalize any name, company or business name, too! They’ll think of you every time they use it – which will be every single day!

whistle 150x150 How to Give Last Minute Gifts with Meaning!For the coach on your list

The #1 Coach Personalized Whistle is a great gift that any coach would be truly touched to receive! Quality crafted in a shiny non-tarnish finish, we skillfully engrave any name, title team name or year in the handsome block letter style for a winning keepsake on both sides of the whistle for just $24.95!

The coach on your list will know how much he or she and their work mean to the team when they see how you took the time to personalize this special gift just for them!

So there, you see!? It is possible to give last minute gifts that have meaning! Just head on over to now to get yours before time runs out!

Happy Holidays from everyone at and A Personal Touch!

It’s Here! Refreshment Recipes For Relief!


Thanks to one of the bizarre calendar Websites I love, I discovered that today is “Work Like A Dog Day.” Today is supposed to be a day to show appreciation for and honor those who carry more than their expected work load but I think if you’re the one who usually works like a dog then you should celebrate yourself, too!

I can’t think of a better way to thank the work-aholics in your life than by ending “Work Like A Dog Day” with a nice refreshing drink. There’s nothing like a cold beverage to help you wind down after a long day of work – especially during these hot summer days!

Refreshment%20Blog 3 Its Here! Refreshment Recipes For Relief!Which is why we want to help all you hard workers out there celebrate “Work Like A Dog Day” with our very own “Refreshment Recipes for Relief” contest!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to work hard to win – all you have to do is submit your favorite summer drink recipe (alcoholic and nonalcoholic are both welcomed!) by posting it in a comment below so everyone can share their favorite recipes right here!

The winner, who will be chosen at random, will win their very own Personalization MallUnbreakable Acrylic Pitcher personalized with their initial so they can make an impressive statement the next time they serve their favorite signature summer drink!

Since you’re working like a dog today and may need help to get your creative juices flowing, I’ll start pimms 5 Its Here! Refreshment Recipes For Relief!with my favorite summer drink recipe. Here’s how you make your very own “Fruity Furlough:”

Mix 1 part Pimm’s No. 1 (Pimm’s is a gin-based liquor I came across while on a trip to England and while they may not carry it at all general grocery stores in the U.S.,Binny’s Beverage Depot and some other liquor stores do sell it) with 1 part Sprite (Ginger Ale can also be used) and 1 part lemonade. Then slice up 1 whole orange, 1 lime and 1 lemon into little pieces, squeeze the juice into the mixture then drop the slices into the mix to soak.

If you have the time you can chill the drink overnight and let the fruit soak for more flavor, or if you’re expecting your hard working company soon you can serve it right away with a large glass of ice. Either way it’s really yummy! For a nonalcoholic version for you or the kids, you can substitute the Pimm’s with another flavorful juice that will be highlighted by the Sprite and Lemonade. I suggest something out of the ordinary, like pomegranate or pineapple juice. If you can’t find a store that sells Pimm’s you can substitute it with a tasty flavored vodka or amaretto.

The floating fruit makes it look like a beautiful summer sangria! The “Fruity Furlough” is a great recipe to use as the signature drink for your next party. Feel free to change the name of the drink to give your party that personal touch that makes your party stand out from all the rest. For example, your loved one will beveragestand 3 Its Here! Refreshment Recipes For Relief!be really touched when they see you named the drink after them because it’s their bridal shower or birthday. “Erin’s Elixir” or “Paul’s Potion” are just two examples of how you can personalize it.

Display your signature drink proudly in one of our Acrylic pitchers, the prize our contest winner will take home, or our Personalized Beverage Server with Stand – both of which are on sale until Sunday as part of ourEnd of Summer Clearance at! It will not only be a conversation starter but it can be a beautiful centerpiece, as well!

So let’s hear it Gifting Blog fans! What are your “Refreshment Recipes for Relief?” Submit the name of your drink, the recipe, your name and e-mail in a comment below to win! We’ll accept entries through Wednesday, August 10th so hurry and post your favorite recipe for your chance to win! Try not to work too hard today!

Cupcake Craze!


The cupcake is an old-fashioned treat that generations of us have enjoyed.  But now, the traditional, home-baked dessert is more popular than ever, and it’s not just for kids anymore!

Move Over Sheet Cakes!

Like many of you, I’ve spent lots of money on bakery sheet cakes for special occasions, and most of the cake goes to waste. Well no more!

One of the latest dessert trends is the “Pull-Apart” Cupcake Cake. It’s basically a cake which uses cupcakes as the base and is frosted as one cake. Since the cake is made out of cupcakes, they are made to “pull apart.”  When it’s time to serve the cupcakes, you simply start pulling the cake apart, handing out individual cupcakes to your guests. It’s easy and convenient, with no need for plates or forks. Cupcake cakes are also great for making a character or image cake. For example, you could place cupcakes in the shape of a football and then ice it.

A Personal Touch!

Add a sweet twist to your batch of cupcakes with our personalized Cupcake Wrappers.  Each is printed with fun party designs and finished with delightful, scalloped edging. We personalize the wrappers with any personalization to add the perfect finishing touch to your cupcake creations. We even have a design that features your favorite photo!  These adorable wrap-arounds decorate your cupcakes after they’ve cooled from the oven (or after you’ve removed them from the bakery box – we won’t tell!).  Just slide the ends together easily with the tab – then drop the cupcake right in, and decorating is done!

9219 20999 Cupcake Craze!

The Center of Attention!

After you’ve decorated your pretty little confections, make them the center of attention on a gorgeous display. Tiered cupcake stands are a fun way to serve your party cupcakes. It also makes a great centerpiece on the buffet table – one that’s sure to wow your guests!  It doesn’t matter what your party theme is – traditional, modern, or artsy – there is a perfect stand for your cupcake creations.  The more adventurous party hostess might even make her own display.  For an elegant touch, try stacking wine glasses, topped with a silver tray.

Happy Decorating!  Save a cupcake for me!

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