Valentine’s Day. Who doesn’t look forward to the prospect of a heartfelt love letter scribbled on a pink-and-red paper heart? Add to that pastel-colored candychocolate truffles, and flowers, and Feb. 14 may well be the most festive day of the year.

But why stop at a day? What the world needs now is love, sweet love, and plenty of it. So, if you’re like us, you’ll agree that it’s time to rewrite the rules of this festive occasion. If Christmas can have 12 days, it stands to reason that Valentine’s Day can — and should — have 14 days of romance dedicated to its commemoration.

Before we completely reinvent this holiday, though, let’s talk about why it’s necessary.

valentines day gift ideas with couple embracing

Love in the modern age

Our world is a loud, noisy place, and one that’s filled with many distractions. The pace of modern life can cause couples to feel untethered in their relationships and experience a sense of complacency. Relationship expert and TikTok influencer Eros Miranda stresses the importance of making connections to help us deal with these feelings. “How can we use this holiday to come closer together?” Miranda poses. He suggests learning more about our partner’s needs.

“Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to learn our love language,” Miranda says. “Maybe they want a partner who is closer to them more often. Maybe they want a partner that, whenever they are feeling anxious, can give them a little extra help.

“This is a growth opportunity,” Miranda continues. “Learn about each other’s love language, see how they want to love, and look at the holiday as an opportunity to see how you want to be loved.”

And what better way to reignite that love than with a new tradition involving 14 days of Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

14 days of romance

You can approach this novel idea in many ways; what’s most important is you make it personal to your particular circumstances. Here are some ideas.

  • Give a Valentine’s Day gift to your significant other every day from Feb. 1 to Feb. 14. Is that not true love or what?
  • Spread the love around and give one gift each to 14 special people in your life. Recipients could be a love interest or anyone who means a lot to you, including a parent, child, grandparent, best friend, and work colleague.
  • Flying solo this year? That’s OK! Few loves are as important as the love of self — so go ahead and treat yourself to 14 Valentine’s Day gift ideas that revolve around self-care.

Most of all, embrace the idea that gift giving is as important to your emotional wellbeing and happiness as it is to the recipients of your kindness and generosity.

Here are 14 Valentine’s Day gift ideas to get you started on your new two-week-long tradition of romance.

valentines day gift ideas with Two Dozen Red Roses

1. Timeless and traditional

For the classic romantic, you can never go wrong with roses. Red roses are always welcome, but you’ll win bonus points if the bouquet is in your intended’s favorite color.

valentine's day gift ideas with British crumpets

2. Breakfast in bed

Treat your special person like British royalty with a breakfast of fluffy crumpets they can enjoy from the comfort of their bed. Don’t forget the bloody marys!

valentine's day gift ideas with chocolate truffles

3. Chocolat s’il vous plait

If your sweetheart loves chocolate, you’ll find no shortage of options during the month of February. Champagne truffles, chocolate with nuts and caramel, rich dark chocolate, a signature chocolate collection in a heart-shaped box…don’t you just love the tastes of Valentine’s Day?

valentine's day gift ideas with Chocolate-covered strawberries for Valentine's Day

4. Decadent strawberries

“Pretty Woman” paved the way for romantics around the world to woo their love interests with a chic strawberries-and-champagne combo. But if champagne (or sparkling wine) doesn’t fit the mark, we can also suggest the tried-and-true pairing of strawberries and chocolate.

valentine's day gift ideas with Valentine's Day buttercream cookies

5. Baked with love

Homemade baked goods are an especially nice way to express affection. From donuts and cake pops to cookies, your significant other will appreciate the thought and effort you put into the gift.

valentine's day gift ideas with tea gift basket

6. Make their morning

If your sweetheart loves coffee, it simply doesn’t get better than the gift of gourmet blends. Add a personalized mug, and they’ll enjoy their cuppa even more.

valentines day gift ideas with charcuterie board

7. Charcuterie for your cutie

Gift a beautiful charcuterie board overflowing with fine meats, cheeses, nuts, and fruits. Don’t forget to include the wine.

valentines day gift ideas with Pressed Pink Larkspur And Daisy Heart Earring

8. Handmade from the heart

Who doesn’t love a handmade treasure? From a paper Valentine to a piece of jewelry, handcrafted cards and one-of-a-kind treasures are sure to capture the heart of your beloved.

valentine's day gift ideas with Movie Nite popcorn tin

9. Misty-eyed movie night

Gift your mate a night of binge-watching their favorite romcoms — just make sure to bring the tissues and popcorn.

valentines day gift ideas with Lobster Dinner for Two

10. Romantic dinner in

Nothing fosters connection quite like a delicious meal enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. Break out the china and fancy flutes, then dim the lights and enjoy lobster for two. What makes it even better is you didn’t have to turn on the stove. Hooray for meal delivery!

valentine's day gift ideas with Valentine's Day gift heart necklace

11. Baubles, bangles, and beads

Give your honey a bit of shine and sparkle that they will cherish for years to come. It need not be extravagant — it only must come from the heart.

valentine's day gift ideas with True Love Valentine Gift Basket

12. Fun for foodies

Is gifting food ever a bad idea? We think not. Send your favorite foodie something unique and special that you know they’ll enjoy — be it meats and cheeses or caviar.

valentine's day gift ideas with Giving Heart Pillow and Necklace

13. Extend the love

A hug and 14 handwritten IOU coupons that they can exchange for special treats during February, including a dinner out, foot rub, heart-shaped pillow, or weekend getaway.

valentine's day gift ideas with personalized teddy bear

14. Warm and fuzzy

Finally, don’t forget the littlest valentines in your life! Teddy bears and other plush cuties are the perfect way to send your sweet ones off to sleep with a smile.


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