Pisces are creative, transformative, and always looking to expand their world view, according to New York City-based astrologist and best-selling author Lisa Stardust. In addition, they tend to be sensitive and empathetic, and make great friends.

But there’s another side to this sign: They also can be flighty, easily distracted, and have their head in the clouds — qualities that can make them tricky to buy presents for.

Don’t worry, though. By learning more about Pisces and their most common personality traits, you can be well prepared when it comes time to choose the perfect gift for their upcoming birthday.

What to know about Pisces

Pisces (Feb. 20-March 21) is the mutable water sign of the Zodiac. Like other mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius), they are known for their ability to re-calibrate and adjust to change. But that’s pretty much where their practicality ends.

“Pisces are dreamers,” Stardust says. “They’re big on fantasy, playing into their imagination, and even escapism.”


In many ways, Stardust says, Pisces are considered the “visionaries of the Zodiac.” She attributes this to their having two planetary rulers, and those rulers being Jupiter and Neptune.

“Neptune is the ruler of the oceans, and Jupiter is an expansive planet that’s all about expanding your mind, your heart, and the way you see the world,” she says. “So, with Pisces, their emotions can be like the waves — one moment they’re calm, the next they’re roaring. You never know what you might get.”

Pisces prefer to concern themselves less with the material world around them and more with the made-up one in their heads, Stardust says. Still, they love to receive thoughtful gifts that are glamorous and revolve around their interests.

Best birthday gifts for Pisces

Pisces, according to Stardust, appreciate a gift that fosters their creative spirit, speaks to their water sign, or allows them to distance themselves from their everyday lives. For those reasons, books and movies are good choices for Pisces seeking an escape from reality.

Gifts like cookbooks, culinary toolspainting sets, and other art supplies are also wonderful options for Pisces who want an outlet for their creativity. People born under this sign are also known for their love of music, Stardust says, so getting them an instrument, record player, or something else music related is a good choice, too.

5 go-to birthday gifts for Pisces

Now it’s time to get specific. Here are five birthday gifts that the Pisces in your life will greatly appreciate.

Something that grows

If you’re thinking about gifting a Pisces a flower or plant, you can’t go wrong with water lilies or a lotus, Stardust says. “Water lilies and lotus both represent good fortune, and Pisces is considered a lucky sign,” she said.

Water lilies are good picks because they represent more than good fortune — they’re also a symbol of peace, truth, and art. The whimsical Pisces will love a flower that stands for some of the same things they do.

Of course, water lilies and lotus flowers aren’t exactly on the best-seller list for most online flower retailers, so you may have to compromise a little. We suggest a couple of other options that can be found in an aquatic environment: blue irises and calla lilies.

Something to relieve stress

Pisces aren’t high strung, per se, but, as mutable signs, they’re subject to taking on the stress from their surroundings. “All mutables pick up the energy of the world around them,” Stardust says.

A gift that helps them keep calm, relax, and wind down is a great choice. Soft blanketsscented candles, or a spa set are all good options for Pisces.

Something for their feet

Fun fact: Every sign on the zodiac rules a part of the body, and for Pisces, it’s the feet. Pisces might not always have their feet on the ground, but they are very into their tootsies, so get them something that satisfies this proclivity.

“A Pisces will love slipperssocks, a fun nail polish, or even a spa massager for their feet,” Stardust says. Looking for something truly unique? Get them a pack of foot masks. (Yes, there is such a thing.)

birthday gifts for pisces with woman reading by the bath

Something for their bath

No surprise here: Pisces, true to their nature as a water sign, enjoy bath products. Bath saltsbath bombs, and any other bath- or shower-related product will likely go over well with a Pisces.

Something glamorous

Pisces can have expensive taste, a result of their being ruled by Neptune, the planet of mystery and illusion. Knowing their predilection for the finer things, scoring gifts like perfume, jewelry, and even preserved roses for a Pisces will all be winners.


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