Beach Towel Easter Basket DIY: Make Your Own Bunny Baskets!

Beach Towel Easter Baskets - DIY How-To

Beach Towel Easter Basket DIY: Make Your Own Bunny Baskets!

Looking for a fun spin on the traditional Easter basket? See how to make these adorable beach towel Easter bunny baskets with this easy step-by-step DIY tutorial.

Who would ever think that a beach towel Easter basket could look this cute? If you’re wanting to create something different and unique for your kids this year, look no further than this easy beach towel Easter basket for kids of all ages.

Beach Towel Easter Basket DIY

All kids can use a beach towel and a pair of swimming goggles for the summer. This practical gift basket will get kids excited for Spring break, swimming lessons, Summer camp and spending time outdoors. Fill the basket with sunscreen, sunglasses, bubbles, chalk and other Spring and Summer gifts kids will need – and love.

Below, you’ll learn how to make an Easter basket out of a beach towel along with some other unique and creative Easter basket ideas for kids.

Beach Towel Easter Baskets

Beach Towel Basket DIY

Making your own bunny basket from a beach towel is super easy and takes just a couple of minutes. These instructions will help you gather all materials and make your own beach towel Easter basket in no time!

Bunny Basket Materials

For this towel basket design you’ll need:

  1. Kids beach towel
  2. Kids swimming goggles
  3. Two rubber bands
  4. Small chocolate egg for the nose (optional)
  5. Easter basket stuffers for your kids

Bunny Basket How-To Steps:

This cute bunny basket is ready in just a few easy steps. Simply follow along with our detailed instructions and photos that illustrate the step-by-step process.

  1. Fold the beach towel in half
  2. Fold again, diagonally. Your beach towel might fold into a neat square or not – either way is ok
  3. Roll up the towel
  4. Make a U shape with the towel roll
  5. Bend the two ends of the towel roll up to create bunny ears and wrap both with a rubber band
  6. In the back, wrap the other rubber band around a small section of the towel to create a bunny tail
  7. Add goggles where the bunny’s eyes should be
  8. Add a small chocolate egg for the nose and your beach towel Easter bunny basket is complete!

Check out the illustrated instructions below and follow along.

More Creative Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

These easy beach towel bunny baskets are a fun idea, especially if you know your kids will love the beachy, swimming theme. But there are tons of other cute and easy DIY Easter baskets for kids. The best thing is, these Easter baskets all serve another purpose and they’re part of the gift itself!

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Rain boots Easter baskets
  • Umbrella Easter baskets
  • Beach bag Easter baskets
  • Beach pail Easter baskets
  • Baseball cap Easter baskets
  • Bicycle helmet Easter baskets
  • Toy truck Easter baskets
  • Toy wagon Easter baskets

Don’t Forget Fun Easter Basket Stuffers

As much as we like to make a fuss about Easter baskets, for kids, it’s what’s inside that matters. This year, books and board games are the best gifts and basket stuffers for kids of all ages. Pair them with their favorite snacks, a cute insulated tumbler with straw, and other fun toys and treats they might like.

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