With Easter around the corner, it’s time to think about ways to surprise the little ones in your life with treats and small toys. Seeing a small child clutch a new stuffed bunny to their chest or delight in finding a basket filled with colorful candy eggs is one of life’s great pleasures.

But who says all the fun should be reserved for the very young? We’ve gathered some Easter basket ideas for all ages to get you hippity-hopping on your way to the best holiday ever.

Easter basket ideas for kids

Jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks, small toys nestled in a basket — you can’t go wrong with any of these traditional items for your little ones. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with your choice of basket. Here are some options that will bring on the smiles and hugs on Easter morning.

For the truck lover

easter basket ideas Construction Truck Embroidered Plush Easter Basket

Construction Truck Embroidered Plush Easter Basket

Do you have a little truck enthusiast who only answers to the name Mack in your household? They’ll love to tote this sweet personalized basket around on the egg hunt — and beyond. You can make things even more fun by tossing in some miniature toy trucks and other goodies, such as this Construction Trucks Personalized Wallet and these personalized stickers, inside. Got a budding firefighter? Go for the Fire Truck Embroidered Plush Easter Basket.

For that special some-bunny

easter basket ideas Personalized Bunny Easter Basket Liner Basket with Folding Handle

Personalized Bunny Easter Basket Liner & Basket with Folding Handle

Something about a child in bunny ears always makes us smile. This personalized bunny basket is “all ears,” and you can complete the aesthetic by including this Embroidered Easter Bunny Ear Headband and cute insulated tumbler for the special child in your life.

For the dino devotee

easter basket ideas Dinosaur Embroidered Plush Easter Treat Bag

Dinosaur Embroidered Plush Easter Treat Bag

Some kids just cannot get enough of dinosaurs. If yours falls under that category, indulge their passion for prehistoric beasts with this cute Easter bag, but don’t stop there. Include a T-Rex Dinosaur Gift Set, which comes with a soft T-Rex plush and fun domino game you can play together. And to top it off, try this foil-wrapped egg filled with chocolate dinosaurs.

For the tiny dancer

easter basket ideas Tutu Personalized Easter Basket

Tutu Personalized Easter Basket

All budding ballerinas need their own personalized Easter basket, don’t you think? And this beautiful one fits the bill perfectly. Make the gift even more memorable by tucking in Marcella the Bunny and this cute personalized water bottle.

Easter basket ideas for teens

The teens in your life may feel a little awkward with a traditional basket, but they still will want to join in the fun of this special holiday. What’s the answer? Get creative with your Easter basket ideas and enjoy spoiling them.

For the sports fan

easter basket ideas Sports Embroidered Tote Bag 1

Sports Embroidered Ultimate Tote Bag

This bag will come in handy no matter what sport they’re into. Fill it with surprises like a sports trivia card game, personalized window decals, and game day snacks. Add some granola bars and a sports drink, too, if you’d like.

For the hobbyist

easter basket ideas Stencil Name Personalized Tote Bag For Girls

Stencil Name Personalized Tote Bag For Girls (or Boys)

Fill this attractive tote bag with things that reflect what they’re into at the moment, whether that’s a new video game controller, art supplies, or book of poetry. Then, make them feel loved with some sweet reminders of their childhood — like this Easter Basket Treats Gift Set.

For the beach bum

easter basket ideas Beach Fun Personalized Beach Bag

Beach Fun Personalized Beach Bag

Whether they’re headed to the beach or pool, they’ll think of you when they pack their gear in this personalized tote. Snacks? Check. Towel? Check. Flip flops? Check. Easter candy? Check and double check.

For the film buff

easter basket ideas Personalized Bamboo Popcorn Bowl with Popcorn 1

Popcorn Night Personalized Bamboo Bowl with Popcorn Bundle

Your teen will enjoy sharing movie nights with friends after receiving this fun gift as an Easter “basket” (use your imagination). Tuck in some extra movie-sized candy and a cute stuffed bunny for added company. (Oh, and the Netflix subscription is on you too.)

Easter basket ideas for adults

There’s no age limit on Easter fun, so don’t forget about your spouse, parent, or best friend when it comes to playing Easter Bunny. Here are some ideas to spark your imagination.

For the backyard party planner

easter basket ideas Personalized Beverage Tub

Personalized Beverage Tub

They’ll be the hostess with the “mostest” every time they fill this tub with cold drinks. You, however, can fill it with various outdoor dining accessories, such as fun napkins, a grill apron and tool set, and a personalized serving tray. And since it’s Easter and all, throw in a giant chocolate bunny for a festive touch.

For the avid angler

easter basket ideas Personalized Tackle Fishing Box

Fishing Club Personalized Plano Tackle Fishing Box

For their next big day out on the lake or river, gift them this handy tackle box. Along with some Swedish Fish candy to honor the day, slip in this Big Catch Personalized Fishing Lure or Fish O’clock Personalized Fishing Lure along with a personalized towel. (Don’t forget the snacks!)

For the green thumb

easter basket ideas Personalized Garden Tote and Tools

Personalized Garden Tote and Tools

A garden tote makes for a perfect Easter basket for the plant lover in your life. Fill it with small plants (like succulents or herbs), seed packets, and this Sunshine & Gardening Time Personalized Watering Can. Add a fresh bouquet of daffodils or tulips for a springtime touch.

For the passionate picnicker

easter basket ideas Handwoven Wood Picnic Basket

Kansas Handwoven Wood Picnic Basket

Fill this lovely basket with fixings for a picnic for two. Begin with a classic picnic blanket, and then add a meat, cheese, and wine combo. Since it’s an Easter gift, chocolate is a must. These dipped pretzels will fit nicely in the basket, don’t you think?


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