Summer is officially here, and soon it’ll be time to drop the kids off at summer camp. Whether you have younger children going to day camp or older kids headed for an overnight camp, you need to make sure you have everything on your summer camp checklist to help prepare them for their summer adventure.

Here are four personalized summer & camp gifts that will make your children feel right at home while they’re off enjoying the fun and sun.

1. Water bottles

The first day of camp can be nerve-wracking for kids of all ages. Younger kids may be shy and nervous about leaving Mom, while older kids attending an overnight camp may have anxiety about sleeping somewhere other than home. To help ease their fears — and keep them hydrated — a personalized water bottle can go a long way.

The Picture Perfect Insulated Water Bottle can be customized with up to six photos of your family and two lines of text. It’s just the thing to let your child know that whenever they feel homesick, all they have to do is look at their water bottle and remember that Mom and Dad are thinking of them.

2. Towels

Another great item that will come in handy at camp is a personalized beach towels. You can personalize a towel with just your child’s name or one of our fun colorful designs!

The Go Fish! Embroidered Beach Towels will be a hit with younger kids. They come in four different colors and can be personalized with their name in “curly” or “kids” lettering as well as their favorite “fishy” graphic; options include a girl fish, boy fish, dolphin, and octopus.

Older kids may prefer a Tribal Inspired Name Personalized Beach Towel. The modern design comes in six different colors and can be personalized with their name.

With all the swimming they’ll be doing at camp, they’ll be thankful their towel is personalized so they can easily to find it when it’s time to get out of the pool!

3. Pillowcases

Do you have an older daughter going to sleepaway camp for the first time? If you do, she could get homesick or not like it at first. Chances are, though, that by the end of the session she will be asking you to stay longer because she won’t want to part with her new best friends — and that’s where a personalized pillowcase comes in.

The “My Slumber Party Personalized Pillowcase” is an item you’ll want to add to your sleepaway camp checklist. The adorable “slumber party” design can be personalized with her name and comes with a permanent marker so all her camp friends can sign it and write her little notes — just like in a yearbook! Also, throughout camp, she can write her favorite activities on it and have her friends write down their phone numbers and email addresses. That way, when she’s home from camp and misses them, she can always look at her pillowcase and remember all the fun times she had!

4. Note cards

Speaking of keeping in touch, don’t forget to get a stack of personalized note cards. They come in several different designs, including Polka Dots, Sprinkles, and Preppy Chic, and are the perfect stationery for your kids to use when they write home to tell you what they’re doing and how much fun they’re having. (After all, moms can get homesick for their kids, too!) Or, if your kids become pen pals, they can use the stationery to write letters and keep in touch with their new camp friends throughout the school year.

Even moms can use the note cards: If your kids are going to a day camp, you can write a note on the personalized cards and sneak them into your children’s lunches for a cute way to let them know you’re thinking of them.

These summer camp checklist items will not only help your child make a smooth transition to their new camp but will help improve their camp experiences too!


Kate Sabino is the Senior Paid Social Manager at Personalization Mall.

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