A kindergarten graduation may seem like one of the more minor events in your child’s or grandchild’s life. But, as with any rite of passage, it is important to mark the occasion to show that even the seemingly smallest of accomplishments is worthy of being recognized — and that is especially true when it comes to each stage in your youngster’s educational journey.

And acknowledging their achievement of moving up to first grade with a gift is a great way to not only demonstrate how proud you are of them but also how far they’ve come in a short period of time. But what kind of present should you get a kindergarten graduate? Should it be something that is strictly for play? A token that helps inspire them to keep learning? Some combination of the two?

To help narrow down the possibilities, we put together this list of 16 gift ideas for your budding scholar.

1. Graduation animals

Because a kindergarten graduate is either 5 or 6 years old, a stuffed bear or monkey decked out in graduation duds is a perfect present. The plush monkey can be customized with up to five lines of text, while the stuffed bear can be personalized to include your child’s name and their year of graduation. Either one makes for a memorable, special, and, best of all, cuddly gift.

2. Backpack

Anything that can help prepare your kindergarten graduate for the next step in their schooling is a great gift. Now would be as good a time as any to present them with a personalized backpack that will help carry all their new school supplies into first grade.

3. Picture frame

Make your child’s graduation picture perfect with a personalized graduation frame. Keep your favorite snapped image of you and your child in this frame and help the memories from their graduation last a lifetime.

4. Adult T-shirt

As your child or grandchild grows up, they might need a helpful reminder of how far they’ve come. This oversized T-Shirt can literally remind your child of how much they’ve grown, but it can also hint at their metaphorical growth into a young scholar.

5. College fund money jar

It’s never too early to start contributing to your child’s college fund. While kids might not understand the concept, they will still enjoy tucking away all their pennies and other loose change into this cute glass bank. Not to mention, reminding them of future goals is a great way to inspire them to continue working hard throughout their academic career.

6. Pocket token

Moving on to first grade is an important step, but it can also be scary for little ones, which is why this little hug in a pocket is a sweet gift for your kindergarten graduate. They can clasp it in their palm every time they miss you and need a bit of encouragement.

7. Personalized jewelry

Gifting the young graduate a piece of personalized jewelry is a sweet way to commemorate the occasion. A heart necklace engraved with your daughter’s name and graduation year will remind her of her accomplishment. For a boy, an ID bracelet serves the same purpose.

8. Coloring and activity book

Got an artsy kid? Gift them something that will help them feel even more a part of their graduation. The coloring pages will encourage your child to put their own colorful spin on their special day, while other activities in the book will keep them busy for hours.

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9. Memory box

As your child grows up, they will need a place to store items from all the landmark events in their life. This keepsake box will get them started with saving those cards from the grandparents right after graduation.”

10.  Fleece blanket

Who doesn’t like a warm blanket? This snuggly fleece doubles as décor but also works as a warm and cozy reminder of your child’s graduation day.

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11. Stuffed llamacorn

The llamacorn — another animal pulled straight from mythology — is in its cutest form as a plush toy. It’s just the kind of gift to inspire them to “reach for the stars,” just like the part-llama, part-unicorn does. The child will look forward to holding it close to them as they fall asleep every night.

12. Pocket pillow

Another warm and cozy gift, this pillow reminds your child to dream big (even if first grade doesn’t provide nap time). The pocket can tuck away photos and other fun reminders of your love.

13. Bucket of gifts

Maybe you’re opting to give your little graduate a bevy of small gifts instead of one or two big ones? If so, this bucket doubles as a cute gift container and, at the same time, can be upcycled into a bin for your child’s toys and other items in their room.

14. Snow globe

Here’s a great grad token to decorate your child’s room with. Your kid will love turning this graduation-themed snow globe over and over to watch the glitter fall. It’s a cute and interactive reminder of their special day.

15. Chocolate-covered Oreos

Oreos aren’t just for dunking in milk. These chocolate-covered cookies are a dressed-up, elegant take on the cookies your kindergarten graduate already knows and loves.

16. Photo cube

Commemorate the big event in the little one’s life with a personalized photo cube. Place images from graduation day and add a cute note to encourage your graduate to keep on journeying ahead! They’ll have to wait a little longer for this gift, but it’ll be worth it. 


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