Valentine’s is just around the corner, and every parent knows that this holiday is not just for romantic love between partners. Get creative with the best Valentine’s gift ideas for kids and tips for celebrating Valentine’s Day with your little ones.

Surprising kids with something unique for Valentine’s makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside and brings joy to the young people you know. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, or an adoring aunt or uncle, this list of the best Valentine’s gift ideas for kids will help you find the right gift for each special child in your life.

Get ready for cute characters, delightful designs, and fun love puns kids will adore. Then, take your Valentines gift to the next level with creative do-it-yourself ideas and customization options that will make each present even more special.

Our Valentine’s gift ideas for kids include a mix of fun and practical items children can use every day. But it also includes kits, activities, and simple ways to celebrate love without the gifting component. Our hope is that this will give everyone a chance to celebrate Valentine’s with their kids in a fun and memorable way.

Top 10 Valentine’s gift ideas for kids

1. I Cerealsly Love You Cereal Bowl

Everything about this adorable cereal bowl ― the colorful fruit loops, cute pun, custom name ― make it the best gift to give for Valentine’s. Kids of all ages will love using this bowl daily, being reminded that they’re so loved.

2. Valentine Gnome Tumbler with Straw

In case you haven’t been paying attention, gnomes are taking over the world! These delightful dwarfish creatures are popping up on everything from throw pillows and blankets, to coffee mugs and even tumblers. The Valentine gnome tumblers are perfect for kids and can be customized with any name and message.

3. I Love You Beary Much Teddy Bear

What better way to say “I love you” this Valentine’s than with this sweet plush teddy bear personalized with a cute, punny message. Include kids’ names and let them know they’re loved beary, beary much today and always.

4. Mini Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

Instead of one big gift, think about creating a gift basket of small toys and goodies, activity sets, craft kits, art supplies, and other items you know your kids will enjoy. First find a festive container, such as a bucket or little metal mailbox. Then, fill it up with crayons and markers, little notepads and coloring books, pop-its and fidget toys, bubbles, stickers, and other small, inexpensive items that make great gift basket fillers for kids.

5. Mini Claw Machine

These cute mini claw machines offer a fun way for kids to get their Valentine’s sweets! Fill it up with their favorite small candies, chocolates, or non-edible goodies and prizes, and watch your kids enjoy hours of fun. The machine features flashing lights and music, and is activated with real tokens. You can even personalize it with kids’ names or your family name.

6. Conversation Heart Pillows

Anyone who loves the classic conversation hearts candies will appreciate the nostalgic feel of these plush heart-shaped pillows. You can customize the color and message on the front and back of the pillow heart to recreate your favorite conversation heart sayings or create your own custom ones.

7. Mommy & Me Matchings Socks

If finding matching Valentine’s pajamas or outfits is too difficult this year, consider customizing matching socks for you and your little ones. This Valentine’s design includes a photo option that you and your kids will adore.

8. Valentine Hearts Water Bottles with Names

These days, every child can benefit from having a reusable water bottle for use at home, at school, and on the go. Choose a quality, stainless steel bottle with double-wall insulation to keep their drinks cool all day. Adding their name and choosing a fun design will ensure the water bottle will get plenty of good use.

9. Valentine’s Day Sloth Stuffed Animal

We’re not exactly sure why sloths are so popular with kids these days. Maybe it’s their long arm and legs, or their adorable faces or humorous characteristics, or something else entirely. Whatever the reason, kids are going crazy for plush sloth stuffed animals, and Valentine’s is the perfect time to gift them.

10. I Love You So… Personalized Kids Book

Whether you’re searching for Valentine’s ideas for baby, toddler, a preschooler, or an older child, a personalized kids book will be a hit no matter what their age. This keepsake gift will become a treasure for you and your child as you read and re-read the book each year on Valentine’s.

More Valentine’s ideas For kids

Gifts are not the only way to make Valentine’s Day special for your kids. Here are four unique ways you can celebrate love day with your kiddos without the gifting component.

1. Write valentines to each other

This simple idea is a great way to make memories you can look back on each year on Valentine’s. Just make or buy some Valentine’s cards and then sit down as a family to write each other valentines. These little love notes can be super simple, with just a few words to say “I love you,” so even the youngest of little writers can participate. As you continue the tradition and your kids grow, the valentines can get longer and more elaborate.

2. Make a fun Valentine’s breakfast

Treat your kids to all their favorite breakfast items with a cute Valentine’s-themed meal. If you’re making waffles or pancakes, cut them out into heart shapes. Use lots of strawberries (also cut into hearts), or spell out “I love you” with bacon, sausage links, or fruit pieces. The possibilities are endless, and so are Valentine’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack ideas.

3. Go on a Valentine’s date

Take your little sweetheart out on a Valentine’s date and make lifetime memories you and your child can cherish. Make it extra fun by dressing up and pretending it’s fancy. The more of a big deal you make it, the more excited your kids will be! Many schools and community centers host Mommy & Me and Daddy & Me dances and special events. Check out the events calendar in your area to see what’s happening.

4. Have a Valentine’s photo shoot

Make photo memories this Valentine’s with a family photo session that has love as its theme. If it’s within your budget, hire a local photographer or see if anyone is offering inexpensive mini-sessions in your area. Otherwise, ask a friend or relative ― preferably one with some photography skills ― to help out. Then, create a photo album or book, or frame a few photos from this day to remember and look back on for years.


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