7 Ideas For A Truly Unique Christmas Eve Box Your Kids Will Love

Christmas Eve Box Ideas

7 Ideas For A Truly Unique Christmas Eve Box Your Kids Will Love

Christmas is a magical time for kids, full of wonder and expectations. It’s also the perfect time to bring the whole family together, celebrating family traditions, spending more time enjoying each other’s company and making memories. One way to get everyone together is with a fun tradition that’s becoming more and more popular: A Christmas Eve Box.

What’s A Christmas Eve Box?

The night before Christmas can be just as fun as Christmas morning with a Christmas Eve Box. Typically, the box will contain treats and small gifts that kids can open up and enjoy on Christmas Eve. It’s not supposed to be a Christmas gift, but it can help divert kids’ attention from all the gifts sitting under the Christmas tree that they know they can’t open up yet.

In short, Christmas Eve Boxes are about getting everyone together and making the night before Christmas fun for the whole family. Think of it as individual supplies for a fun family night.

How To Make A Christmas Eve Box

For toddlers and younger kids some of the Christmas Eve Box essentials include:

  • Christmas themed pajamas
  • A Christmas movie or a book (or both!)
  • Their favorite sweets and treats
  • Hot cocoa and marshmallows
  • A small toy
  • A letter from Santa


For older kids and teens, the Christmas Eve Box can include some more grown-up items like:

  • A fuzzy robe, slippers or slipper socks instead of pajamas
  • A classic Christmas movie they haven’t seen or a new young adult book or graphic novel
  • Popcorn, candy or their favorite snacks
  • Hot cocoa and marshmallows
  • A game or craft project


These are the basics and what you’ll find in a typical Christmas Eve box. But with a bit of creativity and imagination, you can turn an ordinary Christmas Eve box into a truly unique one that your kids will love. Here are 7 ideas to make your Christmas Eve boxes memorable — choose one or all of the ones you know your kids will enjoy.

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1. A Custom Hot Cocoa Mug

You can surprise your kids with a custom hot cocoa mug with their names, a personalized character or even a photo. Find a mug that fits your kids’ personalities, interests or one that will make them smile and it will be something they’ll get to use year-round. Here are some of our favorites.

Cute Character Mugs
Family Character Personalized Coffee MugMarshmallow Personalized Mug

Custom Name Mugs
Holiday Cheer Personalized Bistro MugAll Mine! Personalized Coffee Mug

Fun Photo Mugs
Photo MugPhoto Mug

And don’t forget the hot chocolate and marshmallows!

2. A Letter From Santa Keepsake

Sure, you can print a letter from Santa or even hand write one yourself. But if you’re looking for something that your kids won’t be as likely to lose or toss away, consider this unique alternative. This laser engraved wood postcard can be personalized with the message, name and address you choose and it comes with a matching wood stand so you can use it as a display. And it will make a great keepsake for your kids as they grow older.

Wood Engraved Letter from Santa

3. A Unique Cookies For Santa Plate And Mug

Leaving cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas Eve is a lovely tradition that kids really enjoy. It helps the little ones think about the needs of others, and learn about sharing and caring. To make the tradition even more special, you can personalize Santa’s cookie plate and mug for milk.

Cookies For Santa Personalized Mug and Plate SetCookies For Santa Plate and Mug

4. All I Want For Christmas… Custom Sign

Using the same photo prop each year can be a fun way to show how your kids are growing and changing from year to year. It will be fun for them to see these photos one day too! A custom dry erase sign where you can fill in the blanks each year is a popular photo idea and a unique way to commemorate Christmas Eve. Add this All I Want For Christmas… custom sign to your Christmas Eve Box this year and you’ll be able to use it every year.

All I Want For Christmas...Personalized Dry Erase Sign

5. Custom Puzzles, Books And More

A nice way to keep your kids busy on Christmas Eve is to include a puzzle, coloring book, a game or another activity that they might enjoy. Personalizing these items makes them a bit more special and unique. Here are a few of our favorites.

Personalized Coloring Books
Custom Coloring BookCustom Coloring Book

Custom Puzzles
Custom PuzzlePhoto Puzzle

Personalized Games
Custom Rubick's Cubecustom memory game

Custom Art Projects
Christmas Characters Personalized Paint It! Canvas PrintPaint It! Personalized Canvas Prints

6. Personalized Santa Hat

Another neat addition to the Christmas Eve Box is a custom Santa hat with your kid’s name on it. It’s another item that kids will be able to use year after year and it always looks great in photos.

Plush Velvet Personalized Santa Hat

7. Family Popcorn Bowl

If watching your favorite Christmas movie is on the agenda for Christmas Eve, then a custom popcorn serving bowl for the whole family is the perfect addition. For ice cream or other treats, you can also get personalized snack bowls with your kids’ names and a fun or festive saying.

Popcorn Night Bamboo Personalized Serving BowlPersonalized Red Bamboo Popcorn Bowls

Bonus: Custom Santa Sack

Make your Christmas Eve Box truly one-of-a-kind by using a custom Santa sack instead of a box. With a vintage-inspired design and a nostalgic feel, these unique canvas bags can add a touch of whimsy to the night. You can add one or more names and reuse them each year (plus they’re easier to store than a box!)

custom-santa-sackReindeer Mail Personalized Canvas Drawstring Santa Sack

Whether you choose just one of these ideas or all, we hope that it helps make your Christmas Eve Boxes unique and memorable for your kids. Share your Christmas Eve Box photos, ideas or suggestions with us on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter.

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