Do you have a coffee lover in your life? A custom Christmas coffee mug for home or travel might be just the right gift idea. Many coffee drinkers find a favorite mug and use it for years. An easy way to get them a new favorite mug is to customize it with photos of their favorite people, their initials, monogram, or name, their favorite saying, or a lyric from their favorite song. It’s hard to beat a coffee mug that’s been personalized just for you!

Crafting the perfect custom mug is easy. A few design choices and your special gift will become a part of their everyday morning ritual. You don’t have to stop at just a coffee mug though — get creative!

Create a custom coffee lover’s gift pack with a photo mug for home, a travel mug for on-the-go caffeine consumption, and perhaps a sampling of holiday coffee they can try out this winter. You can add on other coffee-related items, such as a new coffee grinder, storage container for coffee, French press, or pour-over coffee maker. Or go simple and include a box of cookies or biscotti they can enjoy with their coffee. Top it off with a custom Christmas ornament in lieu of a gift tag, and your coffee lover’s dream gift is complete!

Tips for creating the perfect coffee lover’s gift

When crafting the perfect coffee kit, you’ll want to decide what you’re going to include. Is this a gift for someone who likes their coffee hot or cold? If they’re an iced coffee connoisseur, perhaps a custom acrylic tumbler with their name on it might be just the right item. If they prefer sipping a leisurely cup of coffee at home in the morning, go with a classic mug in either 11- or 15-ounce size. If they’re always on the go, opt for a travel tumbler with a lid to keep their coffee hot.

Before you start customizing a mug, you’ll want to think about your gift recipient. What’s their personal style like? What colors do they gravitate toward? Are they classic or sporty? Would they like a mug with photos of loved ones, pets, or kids? Once you’ve really thought about who you’re creating this coffee lover’s gift pack for, you can start personalizing items and creating a gift that’s as special as they are.

Gifts for Coffee Lovers with Stamped Snowflake Personalized Coffee Mug

After you have picked out the perfect coffee mug, see what other items you can include in your gift pack to make it complete. You can go practical, with things you know they’ll use, such as coffee, coffee creamers, and coffee-making accessories, or a custom cookie jar that can serve as a beautiful tabletop coffee container. Or you can go simple, with a basket of their favorite treats they can enjoy with their coffee.

9 best gifts for coffee lovers

Whatever you choose to pair it with, your custom coffee mug will surely be the center of attention. Here are nine of our favorites to help you get started.

1. Extra large mega mug for extreme coffee drinkers

Gifts for Coffee Lovers with Oversized Christmas Mug

Caution: This mug is for extreme coffee drinkers only. The oversized mug holds an impressive 30 ounces of coffee and can be customized with any name on the front and a special message on the back. Choose from four colors for the cheerful holiday message “Have a big ‘ol cup of Christmas cheer.”

2. Fun hot cocoa mugs for kids

Gifts for Coffee Lovers with Hot Cocoa Mugs for Kids

Kids of all ages will feel special when they get their very own custom mugs with their names on them. Our fun snowman character mugs let you choose from four snowman face designs perfect for girls and boys. Add their names and a special message so they can enjoy their hot cocoa, tea, and other beverages this holiday season from their very own mugs.

3. Cute mug sets for couples

Gifts for Coffee Lovers with Custom Couples Mugs

This custom mug set allows you to choose from 10 unique designs, all of which start with the phrase “We go together like…” Choose the “rock and roll” design for a music-loving couple or “bacon and eggs” for your bacon-loving partner. Add names, and your custom couples mugs are complete!

4. Modern photo mug for mom

Gifts for Coffee Lovers with Photo Expressions Personalized Coffee Mug

This colorful graphic design incorporates your favorite photo with a special message printed on the back. Add her favorite family photo and choose a graphic overlay on top to show Mom you love her with this modern and unique coffee mug she’ll love waking up to each day.

5. Photo collage travel tumbler for dad

Gifts for Coffee Lovers with Travel Tumbler for Dad

Add up to six of your favorite photos to create a photo collage travel tumbler Dad will enjoy using on his way to work. Use photos from your recent family trip or vacation to remind him of fun times or include photos of the kids over the years to show how much they’ve grown.

6. Custom coffee mug for grandma

Gifts for Coffee Lovers with Grandmother Coffee Mug

First-time grandmothers and grandmas-to-be will absolutely adore this custom coffee mug that commemorates the time they first became a grandparent. Grab a matching mug for the new grandpa and customize each to your unique specifications.

7. Definition of grandpa mug

Gifts for Coffee Lovers with Photo Mug for Grandpa

For a unique twist, this photo mug design allows you to add three things that define your grandfather along with a photo of your choice. Upload your favorite photo of grandpa with all his grandkids and add three lines of text that best represent him to create a one-of-a-kind mug he’ll definitely love.

8. Favorite aunt photo mug

Gifts for Coffee Lovers with Photo Mug for Aunts

With three polaroid-style photos hanging from a clothesline, this photo mug will invoke any aunt’s best memories of her favorite nieces and nephews. This design allows you to add three photos that wrap around the mug. You can also choose from 11- and 15-ounce sized mugs and five mug colors.

9. Best uncle travel photo mug

Gifts for Coffee Lovers with Travel Mug for Uncle

A busy uncle will love to be reminded of just how much his nieces and nephews mean to him when he uses his favorite travel photo mug. Add up to four lines of text to one side of the mug and a photo with text on the other to create a unique design.


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