Start Your Own Family Tradition With Personalized Family Ornaments

Personalized Family Ornaments

Start Your Own Family Tradition With Personalized Family Ornaments

As your family grows and you celebrate wonderful Christmases together, more and more family ornaments will make their way onto your Christmas tree. Each family ornament will reflect the cherished memories you’ve experienced as a family, warming your heart as you decorate for the holiday season each year.

As your children grow older, there will come a time when they will start to move out and put up a Christmas tree in their own home. Their own families will grow, too – as will the number of family ornaments they’ll hang up each year. You can make sure that they have something to remember their childhood holidays, as well as all the memories your family has shared, by collecting family Christmas ornaments now, when they’re still growing.

How Many Family Ornaments Should You Have?

If you’re wondering how many family ornaments you should have on your tree, think about how many kids you have. You’ll want at least one for each of your children, so they can have a special memento to take with them and put up on their own Christmas trees. Then, make sure you have at least one family ornament that you can keep for your own tree each year.

If it’s time to add some more family cheer to your festive Christmas tree, discover some of the most popular personalized family ornaments from and start customizing your own today.

The Family Puzzle Ornament

Pieces Of Love Personalized Family Ornament We love this unique Pieces Of Love personalized family ornament for several reasons. Its wood puzzle piece design is truly unusual and you can customize it to fit the number of members in your family. Add your family name in the top puzzle piece, then add up to eight names that will appear in the bottom piece. The ornament is skillfully engraved on beautiful adler wood and will last for years.

Have more than eight names to add to the ornament? Check out our similiar Together We Make A Family ornament — you can add up to 17 names!

Little Family Mittens

Warm Mitten Family Personalized Ornament

For smaller families of 3, 4 or 5, your names will look great as tiny mittens with knitted cuffs engraved in our Warm Mitten personalized family ornaments. Your family name will be featured on the wood plaque, and each member of the family will be represented as the adorable little red, green and blue mittens.

Simple Stockings

Stocking Family Personalized Ornament For a timeless family Christmas ornament, look through our selection of carefully crafted glass ornaments, like our stocking family personalized ornament. Your family name or a special message can be included at the bottom of the ornament, while each member of the family will be showcased as a sophisticated stocking hanging from a delicate scroll design.

Adorable Characters

Polar Bear Family Personalized Ornament Show off your family with cute character designs, like our very own polar bear personalized ornament. Mom and Papa Bear sit in the back, while the little bear cubs sit comfortably upfront. Each person’s name is artfully engraved on each bear’s billowing scarf, while the family name is featured on the side of the sleigh. Choose from a family of 3, 4, 5 or 6 polar bears to fit your family.

Photo Ornaments

Reindeer Family Personalized Ornament Your children will cherish having a family photo ornament when they grow up, just as much as you’ll enjoy putting it up on your tree for the next few years. Make it even more special by personalizing our unique 2-sided reindeer family personalized ornament. One side will feature your family as adorable little caroling reindeer, and the other will showcase your favorite family photo. Pick an image of everyone at a young age to make it that much more special as your kids grow older. Choose from several other photo ornament designs to find the perfect one for all your kids!

No matter which personalized family Christmas ornaments you choose, your kids will appreciate them once they grow older and begin their own holiday family traditions. Consider adding a special message to each ornament that they can cherish and reflect upon for many years. Look through our wide selection of family Christmas ornaments to find the right one for each member of your family and start personalizing them today.

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