Your first married Christmas. The first holidays in your new home. Your precious baby’s very first Christmas Day. Commemorate all these special moments in a memorable way you can cherish for years to come.

There’s something truly magical about the holiday season. Many of us can easily recall Christmases past, even as far back as our early childhoods. The time spent with family and close friends, decorating, caroling, sharing a meal, giving and receiving gifts, and religious celebrations make this time so special and significant.

The most wonderful time of the year is even more wonderful when you’re also celebrating an important milestone. Make these once-in-a-lifetime memories unforgettable with holiday keepsakes you can treasure every Christmas.

In this guide, you’ll find inspiration, unique gift ideas and special keepsakes for all of your special first milestone moments, including:

  • Baby’s first Christmas
  • First Christmas together
  • First Christmas in a new home
  • First Christmas without a loved one

Baby's First Christmas Gifts

Baby’s First Christmas

Your sweet baby’s first Christmas will surely be remembered by the whole family. This is the perfect opportunity for family pictures by the Christmas tree or by the fireplace on Christmas morning with baby dressed in adorable holiday pajamas or first Christmas outfit. In a typical year, you can plan a visit with Santa or a local lights display for more photo ops. This might be difficult, so see if you can rely on your closest family for photo opportunities, especially if someone can dress up as Santa!

But make sure that the photos aren’t the only thing to remember this very special Christmas by. Create at least one keepsake you and your child can enjoy each year and recall your first holiday season together.

Baby’s First Christmas Milestone Gift Ideas

  1. Baby’s first Christmas ornament
  2. Baby’s first Christmas stocking
  3. A cute Christmas themed outfit
  4. A holiday themed crib blanket (also a great photo backdrop)
  5. Baby lovey embroidered with baby’s name
  6. Personalized picture frame
  7. Holiday themed snow globe
  8. Baby Christmas hat (or Santa hat!)
  9. Baby’s first plush teddy bear
  10. Baby’s first Christmas bib

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Create a custom baby’s first Christmas ornament you and your child can decorate the tree with every year. Customize a Christmas stocking with the child’s name or monogram to hang up by the fireplace. Or find a special toy or heirloom gift your child can enjoy this Christmas, and perhaps one day pass on to your grandkids.

A cute, personalized Christmas outfit and adorable holiday themed baby accessories are great for making your baby’s Christmas day photos more special. You can also include a baby blanket, stuffed animals, toys and other items as props in your photos. Customize a holiday picture frame to hold baby’s photo on Christmas day and display it each year to remember this special milestone.

First Married Christmas

Your first Christmas together as a couple, first year engaged, or first year married is something to celebrate! Revel in this exceptional time in your life by starting your own Christmas tradition, throwing a small holiday party, or getting away for a romantic weekend with just the two of you, even if it’s just a stay-cation together at home.

While you’re enjoying hot cocoa and sugar cookies by the fire, think of a way to remember this time in your lives. Create at least one keepsake, whether it’s a framed photo, a Christmas tree ornament, stockings, wall art or other decorations you can reuse every year and remember your first Christmas together as a couple, newly engaged or as the new Mr. and Mrs.

First Christmas Together or Married Gift Ideas

  1. First Christmas ornament
  2. Matching couple Christmas stockings
  3. Customize holiday throw blanket
  4. Holiday family traditions throw pillows
  5. Engraved family name holiday flower vase
  6. Heart-shaped engraved cutting board
  7. Wooden recipe box
  8. Mr. & Mrs. wooden popcorn bowls
  9. First Christmas photo album
  10. First Christmas couples picture frame or photo album

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Personalize Christmas décor, like a cozy throw blanket, throw pillows or a festive sign with the your names, wedding date, established year or your favorite holiday traditions. If you’re buying a gift for a newly engaged or married couple, consider practical items for the kitchen, like a custom engraved recipe box so they can start collecting their favorite holiday recipes, or a beautiful cutting board that can double as a charcuterie or cheese board for holiday parties.

First Christmas in a New Home

First Christmas In A New Home

If this was a typical first Christmas in your new home, you would celebrate big by inviting your friends and relatives for a housewarming holiday party, or volunteer to host this year’s Christmas dinner for your family. But the pandemic year is probably better suited for a virtual housewarming and plenty of zoom calls with friends and family to show off your new home however you can. Give your guests a virtual tour of your new home or share photos to show off your new place.

If you’d like, you can have your house blessed, smudge your home by burning sage, or create a secular home dedication with your family.

To commemorate this exciting time for your family, personalize a special keepsake that will help everyone remember your first Christmas in your new home. Consider a custom wall art piece or decoration for your fireplace mantel or shelf with your family name or established date. You can also create a more practical keepsake with a custom engraved cutting board. Or simply customize a Christmas ornament you can hang on your tree every year and remember this holiday season.

First Christmas In A New Home Gift Ideas

  1. New home Christmas ornament
  2. Holiday themed garden sign or house address plaque
  3. Christmas doormat
  4. Personalized shelf or mantel holiday décor
  5. Custom wall art
  6. Holiday porch sign
  7. Christmas table centerpiece
  8. Customized flower pot with your new address
  9. Engraved wood cutting board
  10. Custom embroidered Christmas stockings

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If you’re looking for a unique housewarming gift for someone, adding a personalized touch will make it more special and meaningful for the person, couple or family. Include their house number, street name or new town, or simply add a name to a homey gift they can enjoy each and every Christmas in their new home.

Christmas Memorial Keepsakes

First Christmas Without A Loved One

Christmas is a special time to be with and remember those we care about most, even if they’re not with us anymore. If you or someone you know is spending this holiday season without a friend or family member, create a heartfelt memorial keepsake to remember them and keep their memory alive this Christmas.

Personalize a Christmas ornament with your lost loved one’s name and memorial dates. Customize a wooden angel or a photo shadow box to display on your Christmas mantel or shelf. Or create a beautiful table centerpiece with an engraved glass hurricane candle holder to honor them and keep them close to you at Christmas.

First Christmas Memorial Gift Ideas

  1. Memorial keepsake box
  2. Memorial photo keepsake or pocket token
  3. Christmas memorial lantern
  4. Christmas in Heaven poem pillow
  5. Personalized keepsake throw blanket
  6. Memorial angel keepsake shelf décor
  7. Engraved memorial candle holder
  8. Christmas memorial flower vase
  9. Memorial picture frame or photo album
  10. Custom memorial Christmas ornament

Shop: Memorial Christmas Gifts

If you’re looking for a unique memorial gift for friends or family, consider picture frame ornaments engraved with names and memorial dates or one of our Cardinal designs that feature the heartfelt quote “Cardinals appear when angels are near.” Even something as ordinary as a throw blanket or pillows can make a beautiful and thoughtful gift for someone spending their first Christmas without a loved one.

Cherish all of your first Christmas memories with personalized keepsakes and gifts that will be loved forever.


Kasia Lorenc is a writer and editor at Personalization Mall, covering gifting, home decorating and more.

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