Now that fall is here all the high school Homecoming dances are right around the corner! We’ve noticed that nowadays it’s customary for boys to ask girls to their high school’s homecoming dance in special or over-the-top ways. We’ve heard of boys dangling banners over overpasses, hoping their potential date will see it on their way to school or even sending a singing telegram to a classroom to surprise the girl of their dreams! These all sound like a lot of fun but those poor boys must be under pressure to come up with something extravagant and original in order to secure a date to the dance.

That’s why we put together a couple ideas to help out the boys this homecoming. So if your son, friend or neighbor is looking for help, you can use these ideas to help save the day!

One of our ideas is to personalize Your Secret Message Puzzle with either a cute poem or just a simple request like in the picture shown. Then take the puzzle pieces and distribute them into several envelopes (or however many class periods the young woman has).

Get to school early and give the first envelope with a note (be sure it’s typed so she doesn’t recognize your handwriting!) explaining the treasure hunt to her homeroom teacher. From there, either leave each envelope with her teacher for each class period or assign them to her friends to hand her throughout the day.

fortune cookie

She’ll be kept in suspense all day until she finally gets the last pieces (make sure most of the letters in your name are in the final envelope) and she will be so touched that you went through all the work to ask her!

If you’re looking for a less time-consuming idea, we have just the thing! You can create your own fortune message with our Fortunate Love Fortune Cookie! For example you could personalize your message to say “I see dancing in your future … will you go to Homecoming with me? Love, Mike.”

You can take her out or order Chinese take out for dinner and sneak it in with the rest of the cookies or you can leave it in her locker for a nice surprise, too! After she’s seen how much time and effort that went into it, she’ll have to say yes!

So we hope this tips helped get your creative juices flowing … does anyone else have creative ideas to share?


Kate Sabino is the Senior Paid Social Manager at Personalization Mall.

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