First Communion Gift Ideas For Girls & Boys

First Communion Gift Ideas

First Communion Gift Ideas For Girls & Boys

The sacrament of the First Holy Communion is a special ceremony for many young boys and girls. Such a memorable occasion deserves to be recognized in a memorable way!

Finding just the right First Communion gifts will depend on the child’s personality and what he or she enjoys the most. However, there are a number of religious gifts and special keepsakes that will make a lasting impression on any child receiving the sacrament.

Their Very Own Children’s Bible

Precious Moments Personalized Bible

You can’t go wrong by getting them their very own personalized bible. Filled with beautiful full-color illustrations, our Precious Moments personalized bibles are available in white and burgundy, featuring a boy or a girl on the front cover. You can add the child’s name and date they received their First Holy Communion to be printed right on the cover of the bible.

Personalized Children's Bible

Their First Rosary

Personalized Rosary

Following their First Holy Communion is a good time for children to start praying the Rosary. Giving them their very own, personalized Rosary will make this powerful prayer much more special. There are lots of beautiful Rosaries out there with crystals, stones, pearls, even wooden beads, in all colors and many different styles. This is where you can get creative and find a Rosary that matches their personalities.

Personalized Rosary Bracelet

You can also opt for a Rosary bracelet, which can also be used for prayer. Adding the child’s name, date or blessing or their initials will make their very own Rosaries that much more special.

Personalized Rosary Box

If you’re not getting a personalized Rosary, you can make it more special by placing it in a personalized Rosary box that’s perfect for storing their first Rosary. Add their name and date to our engraved silver plated keepsake box and it will surely be a gift they’ll treasure for many years.

First Communion Jewelry

Engraved Angel Pendant

Religious-inspired jewelry is another great way to celebrate their First Holy Communion. Our beautiful engraved Guardian Angel pendant is perfect for boys and girls. You can add any two lines of text to be engraved on the back to include the child’s name, date or a blessing.

Birthstone Cross Necklace

Our birthstone cross necklace is also a great option for a First Communion gift. Simply choose their birthstone to be added to the center of the cross pendant.

A Child’s Prayer Cross

Personalized Wall Cross

A personalized cross to hang in their room is another wonderful First Communion gift that will be treasured for many years. Whether hung above their bed or above the door, the cross will add a gentle reminder to always say a prayer before bedtime.

Personalized Prayer Cross

Our designs feature special blessings and even prayers that the kids can recite, along with room to add the child’s name. You can even write your own prayer for them or add one of your favorite prayers.

First Communion Memory Keepsake Box

First Communion Memory Keepsake Box

A memory box is all about what goes inside. It’s a wonderful gift for a child’s special occasion, like their First Communion. They can safely store photos and precious mementos from their big day and anything that will remind them of the day they took their holy sacrament. Our religious memory keepsake boxes can be personalized with one of five colors and two graphics, along with the child’s name and a line of text to include a date or their sacrament.

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