Looking for the perfect gay or lesbian wedding gift? Discover thoughtful, meaningful, and unique wedding gift ideas for gay, lesbian and nonbinary couples.

Same-sex weddings aren’t much different from traditional weddings and you can typically get the same presents you’d get any other couple. What’s important is that you find something that you know the newlyweds will appreciate and enjoy.

Where personalized gifts are concerned, you can easily customize items with either Mrs. & Mrs. or Mr. & Mr. titles to make them appropriate, or even the gender-neutral honorific Mx. for nonbinary individuals. You can also personalize gifts with just their first names, monograms, their shared or combined last name. Below you’ll find a number of unique, personalized wedding gift ideas that are perfect for gay couples, lesbian couples, non-binary couples and truly, any newlywed couples.

Sentimental Wedding Gift Ideas

Gift them a unique way to display their favorite wedding photos. Personalized picture frames make a great sentimental wedding gift for any couple. Add their names, Mr. Mrs. or Mx. titles, wedding date, and other custom details that will make the frame more meaningful. You can even decide on the style, design, and material of the frame to make sure that it matches the couple’s personal tastes and preferences.

Gift Ideas For Couples Who Love To Cook

If the couple loves to cook, grill or bake, surprise them with a wedding gift they can display and use in their kitchen. Consider a custom engraved wood cutting board or butcher block with a wedding or family design that incorporates their married name or titles, wedding date and other details. Personalize a wooden recipe box so they can start collecting their favorite family recipes. You can also surprise them with matching aprons that feature Mr. & Mr., Mrs. & Mrs., or Mx. & Mx. titles for nonbinary couples. you can also create a thoughtful wedding gift basket that includes a set of kitchen essentials you know they’ll need, personalized just for them.

Gift Ideas For Couples Who Love To Entertain

Couples who frequently host parties and get-togethers will appreciate beautiful yet practical gifts they can use while they entertain. One popular option is a set of personalized drink coasters that will serve as a lovely reminder of their wedding day. You can also customize a serving bowl or tray, a metal or glass ice bucket, beverage tub or a set of glassware they can use for holidays and special occasions.

Gift Ideas For Couples Who Love To Relax

If you know the newlyweds could use a relaxing spa day, surprise them with a wedding gift that will encourage rest and relaxation. Look for a comfy robe set for two, embroidered with their names and Mr., Mrs., or Mx titles, perfect for lounging at home or a spa. You can also help the couple relax with a bottle of the wine or champagne and a customized set of wine or champagne glasses. Our cozy, personalized blankets and pillows are another great wedding gift option for couples that’s both practical and thoughtful. If you’re looking to create a luxurious wedding gift set, you can also include personalized bath towels, bath mats, monogrammed soap set and more.

Share Your Favorite Wedding Gift Ideas

Of course, there are tons of other great wedding gift options depending on the newlywed couple’s style, interests and hobbies. What are your favorite gifts for engagement, bridal shower and weddings for gay, lesbian and nonbinary couples? Share your wedding gift ideas in the comments below.


Kasia Lorenc is a writer and editor at Personalization Mall, covering gifting, home decorating and more.


  1. Paul Carlson Reply

    The best wedding gift I ever saw for a gay couple is a special glass anniversary sundial that sits indoors on the window sill and makes actual rainbow colors on the floor in our family room when the sun shines. We got one for our wedding, (a gift certificate actually) and we were able to have our sundial made specifically for our window sill, and the man who made it added a date line and moment mark that the time shadow follows and touches on our wedding day each year, and if we are both home when the time shadow touches the special mark we drink a toast! It was perfect and fun to work on together after the honeymoon was over. I don’t remember what it’s called but you can find it online with a search. We give the gift certificates when friends get married, especially when we have to travel to the wedding!

    • Kasia Reply

      That sounds like such a unique wedding gift idea! Thanks for sharing, Paul!

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